Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Truths

When I was in high school I was part of an after school writers group. One day we were discussing truth, and my teacher encouraged us to go home and write about what things we knew were true. I wrote a poem, that ended up turning into a list (I know, usually it goes the other way around) and I called it- 16 Truths for Living Life. And what I had done was go back through memory and think of significant things I had learned in life, in accordance with the year I had lived it.

Every year on my birthday I go back and read through this list, and then think about the year that I have just lived, and what I have learned during it. And then I write a new truth to that past year and add it to my list and post it here. :) So this is my list, with an explanation of this years addition at the end.
(And I added some explanations to truths that I realized may be obscure to an outsider because they are based so much on my experience.)

What I’ve Learned
25 Truths for Living Life
1. When you’re learning how to walk, the standing back up part is important.
2. The most important word is not I or mine.
3. Potty training is hard
4. Always, always ask why
5. Don’t pick California poppies in California
6. Daisies are always free
7. When faced with the choice of getting to keep a toy that you want, and getting to say good bye to a friend you may never see again, always give up the Barbie for the chance to say good-bye.
8. Have faith.
9. Always have an imagination and always use it.
10. Barney is not as cool as you once thought.
11. Write-always write.
12. Work hard for yourself- not for your teachers or for your parents- but just for you.
13. Love your family. Someday they will be all that you have left.
14. Learn who you are, love who you are, be who you are.
15. Fall in love.
16. Dance the way you do when no one is watching.
17. People don’t die. They take a long vacation and go visit God.
18. You don’t know everything. In fact, you don’t know much at all. What you do know though, is that the only way to live is with God and His son, because it is then that you find joy.
19. Someday someone will make you realize that you can hold the world. And even if he ends up hurting you, you’ll know that every tear will be worth it because your love was real. Because it was when you loved him that you found yourself closest to God.
20. Learn how to live by yourself and love being alone. It will be very lonesome for quite some time but when it gets really bad, the Lord will send you a friend who will make the loneliness more tolerable.
21. Sometimes you loose sight of who you are. When this happens the best remedy is to just take off you clothes and jump into the water.
22. Love is not hard. Situations may be hard. Creating romance may be hard. But love itself, is very easy.
23. Do not let anyone or anything tell you to hurry. This is YOUR time. You need to live life, not be life.
24. Patience is a virtue that if you don't garner naturally, it will be forced upon you.
25. You MUST trust yourself- you know who you are. Now have FAITH in that person.

I think motherhood has really taught me this. Also the spiritual growth I have made over the year. But really- people and places and things (books, websites, classes etc) will tell you what to do, how to do it, how to feel, what to expect- and if you "believe everything you hear" and hear so much you dont let yourself hear yourself- you will go nuts.
People give me advice about being a mom (wife, person, scholar, writer, sister, friend etc) and they are QUALIFIED people. But what it comes down to- I just need to do what feels right to me and my kid. What keeps us happy. I dont do everything my pediatrician says. So shoot me. My kid is still SUPER healthy, very well developed, and we are HAPPY.
So what I have learned this year is that I have spent so much time in the past learning who I am and developing who I am- now I need to have faith in the person that I am- faith in my own knowledge, strength, instincts, faith in my closeness to God. Over the past year I cant tell you how many times I have sat down and said- I know I am close to the Lord, so I know that my inspiration is not false. Though it may not go by prescribed ideas, as long as it stays within accordance to the gospel, then I need to TRUST my own feelings and ideas.

Happy Quarter of a century to me, and happy Wednesday to you! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I love the truths that you add to each year. I hope you have a great day, and yes, once I actually relaxed and realized that hey, Lillie is a pretty good kid-I calmed down considerably. It's called SELF-help for a reason-not random neighbor-help. Love you!

  2. I must be about to start my period... I never cry. Why do I miss you so much all of a sudden? I need to read these more gosh dangit. You are so amazing. I swear you're the best writer there ever was. I loved reading this, especially because I knew where you were some of those years. I love you Sarah!