Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Onward

I am having a seriously hard time coming up with new titles for the posts where I am just updating you on what we are doing. :) But, the last time I did that was the 6th of September so I am going to try my best to go through the dates and see what we have done. (Luckily Adam keeps a google calendar so this shouldn't be too difficult.)

Sep 8th- DENTIST! This shouldn't be a big deal but if you must know I havent been to the dentist since early 2008. YEAH. I hate the dentist. But, one of new West Virginia best friends is a dental hygenist so... Adam and I made appts. And I do admit- it does feel nice to be clean :)

Sep 12th- I started the process of going blond again! I miss my blond hair- and Adam's b-day gift to me was a day at the salon! My friend Katie came too and got her hair cut so it was super fun. (Though the girl who did mine did a good job but took HOURS. And that is not an exaggeration. I wont be going to that salon again. But still- my hair looks good so I'm not going to make a fuss :)

Sep 13th- my first book club meeting! That I actually made it to haha! It was super fun- there are a load of really smart girls in it, and it was SO NICE to really dive into a novel again. Makes me miss school. We read My Antonia which is one of my favs so that is even better. If you like memoirs read it. SO good.

Logan also had his first WV doctors appt. We chose Adam's dean as our pediatrician. :) But it was a good choice- he is WONDERFUL and I love how professional his office is. I have realized that I am one of those parents who prefers the professional to the "homey" offices. At least when it comes to my pediatrician.

Sep 14th- I turned 25! Great age to be. Logan and I went to Ihop for a mommy son breakfast. Then I got dolled up and then we went shopping, and I had a FATTY Burger King lunch. Then Adam came home and I napped while he studied then we went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was our first ever bad experience with Olive Garden- the service and food quality just wasn't up to par. But, it was still good and fun to take Logan. After Logan went to bed Adam and I ate loads of chocolate cake and watched a movie of MY choice- lucky for Adam I was craving Vin Diesel instead of Barbara Streisand or the BBC. All in all, one pair of shoes, expensive shampoo, loads of fatty food and new clothes for Logan later, it was a great way to turn a quarter of a century :)

Sep 17th- I was suppose to go into Pittsburgh while Adam had an intense study day but the girls I go with had so much to do and weren't feeling well, so instead we went and had breakfast at Panera (I tried the new cinnamon crunch Bagel? OH MY GOSH. SOOO good!) and then shopped a flea market sale thing. I got an awesome high chair for Logan for 5 bucks! And he is super excited about getting to sit up and eat instead of recline :) And he loves to paint with his food on the tray. So an all over win win.

Sep 18th- Adam and I gave talks in church. Adams was on the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and mine was on The Word of Wisdom. I was super inspired by it so I will write a whole blog about it later. And I taught my first primary class ever. It wasn't awesome- but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In a class of 8, there are 3 amazing kids, two that make me want to throttle them, and then the rest are just chill :) Not too bad of odds for 5 year olds I guess. They sang me happy birthday and gave me chocolate during sharing time which was fun.

Sep 21- Adam went to his first Cub Scout Pack Meeting. He said it was good- that there were too many women there :) They tried to "relief society" it to death. Meaning the kids made centerpieces and such. Adam wants to butch it up. "here's your merit badge- here's a cookie. Great job." Really. What else do 8 year old boys need? I even agree that centerpiences may be a little much.

Sep 22- my best WV friend Katie had her birthday so we, and our other best WV friend Summer went to Cold Stone for ice cream. We went at 8 so Katie's hubby could take her out to eat and I could put Logan to bed. Neither of these women have kids and they are so AMAZING about being willing to take Logan all over the place with u, but it was nice to get out just the girls.

Sep 23- Adam took his second series of tests. He was super nervous before them even though he did so amazingly well on his first set. He said every time he studied he just felt like he missed something. But, he said the tests went well enough, that he is sure he passed though he is not so sure past that. (That's what he felt last time though and he got a 92%.) We wont know the results till Monday or Tuesday but I am sure he did well.
It was also the first day of fall which gave ME cause to celebrate because I LOVE the fall. Sweatshirts from here on out- yeah! I am so excited to see the east coast live up to what it professes with fall foliage. We have a great view from our deck so I will keep you posted on whether it delivers or not.

Sep 24th- we stayed in!! Adam is having a no study weekends, and since there was a WVU football game, and the city was pushed 100 time past capacity, and since Adam and I hate sports- we were just happy to sit inside and read, play video games, watch shows and love on Logan.
...Who hit 6th months! Yeah! I cant believe that 6th months ago I was 200 pounds and dying to get the kid out of me. He is so much fun- I am so glad I have him. (And I am so glad I have ten pounds to go before I hit goal weight haha!)
So you see- we keep ourselves pretty busy. And to fill up empty days there is always cooking and cleaning, and studying and reading and laundry, and just plain sitting together and taking and doing nada. Which is so important to us now. That and playing with Logan are just our best times ever.

Yeah to a loaded September!

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