Saturday, September 24, 2011

6 Months

I think having a kid is kind of like being in college. Remember when you were all excited to start up school in September, and then all of a sudden its finals week and your going, "Wait- what the crap?! All i know is Me Gusta!"

I feel like it was yesterday- really- that Logan was waking me up all hours of the night to eat, and all of a sudden I am realizing that he is smart and devious enough to realize that when I put him on a blanket on his tummy with a toy JUST out of reach in hopes that it will encourage him to crawl, he can just pull the blanket towards him and get the toy without any effort.

At 6 Months Logan is:
-16lbs 26in. 25% haha! Deff my little man. The doctor says he is super healthy and I feed him a great diet so I am not worried.
-such an attention hog
-lazy as all get out :) Will not crawl- but mostly because he cries after being on his stomach for more than ten minutes.
-LOVES sitting up on the couch- sits up GREAT all on his own. (Except when he gets super excited he tends to fling his limbs which makes him loose balance and topple over.)
-Loves to stand and play in his exersaucer
-Wants anything Mommy and Daddy have. Food, phones, waterbottles, computers etc.
-way prefers daddy. Adam can get this kid to make happy sounds I only dream of
-will eat ANYTHING. I have triumphed and even gotten him to like cereal. Hurrah!
-still no teeth...
-almost fully weaned. I LOVED packing away my nursing bras
-making new sounds like Ba, and Da
-loves to hold his cup by the handles, and is getting really close to being able to hold his own bottle
-is working from three naps down to two... though they are a long two so I don't mind
-is basically just the biggest bag of fun EVER. Adam and I could sit and watch him all day. And sometimes on the weekends that's just what we do :)

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