Monday, August 29, 2011

Time to Get Serious Here....

I actually tried to loose weight last week. Really. So when I stepped on this scale this morning and realized I weighed THE EXACT SAME I was SUPER bummed. Luckily, my sadness instead of sending me to a pint of ice cream, buckled Logan into his stroller and sent us to the track for 3 miles and 45 minutes. (The pictures are from my run... Logan at the start and finish :)

On the drive home I was listening to my new favorite podcast Fat to Fit Radio, and would you know but that the episode that was on was all about goal setting. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. As I listened to it and got home and put Logan down for a nap I decided to reevaluate my weight loss, and my goals.

This reevaluation was done on three main principles that the podcast suggested: 1. make realistic goals. (Meaning that the goal I had to get the prebaby body back is stupid because lets face it- my butt is just bigger now. But that doesn't mean it has to be a flabby butt.) 2. each goal needs a what, when, and how. And the more hows you have the more likely you are to succeed. 3. long term goals are good, but short term goals will make you feel more successful in the long run. So set lots of those.

I am saying all of this here because I am going to try an experiment. To help me be more accountable- which I think I have been lacking- every day this week I am going to report here and blog on how I am doing. If this really proves to help than I might make a new blog and make it a long term thing. But for this week- every day- expect a blog about weight loss and we will see what happens next Monday.

Get to 140 lbs. AKA: Loose one pound a week for 13 weeks.
When? By November 28. This gives me 13 weeks to loose 11 pounds. I set this goal this way because 1-2 lbs a week is safe, and now that I have only 11 pounds to go, its going to get harder and harder to loose each pound. And I don't need the disappointment of a failed goal if I only loose one and I wanted to loose two. So the goal is one a week. And, I gave myself two extra weeks that way the week of my birthday and the week of Thanksgiving I don't have to loose just maintain :)
How am I going to do this?
By staying right on my points average.
-eating healthy/ less junk/ more filling
By working out 5 days a week
For this week that's what I want to concentrate on. Eating right and working out- the basics. When I feel I have those down again I can get more in depth.

GOAL NUMBER 2 (It really ties into the first one but...)
Eating right/ staying within points
When? Um... this week... and hopefully always :)
Planning meals. I used to be so good at this when Adam and I were in Utah and I got away from it in Tennessee. It really helps keep down costs too, and I never end up scouring the cupboards for food. So plan ahead.
Not skipping meals.
I have noticed that I am most vulnerable on Sundays when its harder to get all my meals in. In the evening I just end up gorging on cookies. So if I know I'm going to be out, I need to plan healthy snacks to take with me that way I always feel full. Its funny that actually eating- can help you drop pounds.
Not denying myself. I will have dessert. If I don't give myself something sweet than sometime later int he week I am dying of craving and I eat two dozen cookies instead of two. So- I would rather plan for my two cookies and just be happy.

The older Logan gets the harder this gets because he really wants attention. And usually if I don't workout first thing it doesn't get done.
So my when is going to be an experiment for this week. I know that putting working out off to Logan's first nap doesn't work. However, running with him today right after we dropped Adam off worked great.
So my hows really go with my whens:
see if the rec center has babysitting
see if I can handle letting him scream through a workout if I have too (I used to because he would be upstairs and I couldn't hear him if he got bored)
find other ways besides running that I can include Logan in my workout
if all else fails- go to bed earlier, and get up an hour before Logan does. AKA: workout from 6-7 am

Be more positive
When: constantly
I think since I have already been 140, I have been going about this weight loss differently than before. Before it was about being healthy. Now its about getting thin, and I hate that. I am going to change that.
Instead of looking at my loss- look at, oh I am running farther! Oh my pants fit better! Wow I have more energy! The numbers on the scale should be the last thing I am focused on. (They still NEED focus- it should just be the least of)
Instead of thinking on hitting a goal weight, think on living the life that I want myself and my family to lead for forever.
As cliche as it may sound- stop looking at my belly roll and cringing- and instead look at my awesome thighs. Ignore my baby belly and instead, have a good shave and walk around my house in little shorts during the day to make myself feel great. (Its my house I can do that if I want.)
Wear what makes me feel good.
You will laugh at this- but I have been making an effort to wear lingerie. Don't worry- I wont give TMI. However- lingerie for me does what it should- I feel sexy in it. And when I wear it I want to do my hair, put on make-up etc. I never felt sexy when I was preggo and just got into the habit of not during those 9 months. Well guess what? When I weighed 151 in 2009 I felt pretty dang hot so there is no reason why I shouldn't feel that way now. So even though I can't go to the grocery store in it- it is my right to prance around my home in something skimpy because it makes me feel good to pass by a mirror and go, "Yeah that's right- I'm fine."

So those are my goals. My long term goal, and the goals I want to focus on this week. And I am going to be here every day being accountable to you.

And since I don't want to write two posts today, even though its going to make this post super mega long, I am going to go ahead and be accountable now. :)

I weighed in at 151. And every time I have thought "sad day" this morning I have kicked myself and remembered what a success it was for me in the past to get to this point and how it should still be now! Heck, five months ago I walked into the hospital at 250 pounds.

I went jogging/ walking for 45 minutes. Made a total round of 3 miles. Adam got me an amazing app called Run Keeper, that uses the GPS in my phone to keep track of how far I am going, what my pace is, how much time I am spending, how many calories I am expending- I can customize it too and it will shout out things like speed up! if I want it too. I didn't do that today because this was the first really good run I have had since having Logan and I wanted to see where I was.

Pre baby I could run a 5k in 30 min. So 9 and a half min miles. I was actually happy to see I was running pretty close to 10 minute miles today, it was just that after 15 minutes I HAD to stop and walk. I really hope that now that I have found a safe, and very pretty place to run I will run at least once a week. I want to get back to where I was which really, just means building up my endurance.

And, thinking about it now, my time is even better than it seemed because in the past I didn't push 30 extra pounds while running. And I had to stop twice so little old ladies could admire my darling son. (This is no wise bothered me by the way. It makes me feel awesome to think that I made something so darn cute as Logan.) So in reality if I get to the point I can run a 5k in 30 min again, then I will be in way better shape than I was before. Nice thought.

Came home, put Logan to sleep, stretched, and am not eating yogurt, kashi granola, and a banana. Yum and healthy and filling. (Fiber One KeyLime Yogurt- I am telling you it is TO DIE FOR.) My plan for dinner is whole wheat spaghetti, with fresh made french bread I picked up at the flea market in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Dessert- the rest of Weight Watchers Peach Oat Crumble and Fat Free Vanilla Ice cream.

And I will plan my lunch and the rest of this week out after I finish this post. And go to the bathroom.

And I plan on wearing my little running shorts while I clean this morning to keep from getting my nice clothes yucky and to make myself feel good as I scrub floors. (Ps, since I am talking about lifting moods- writing this post has done WONDERS!)


  1. You are too cute! I am glad to know that someone is going through the same struggles. Loosing baby weight is so hard and unless you are determined it just doesn't happen. Good job Sarah you are awesome!!

  2. I was just telling Silas that I love reading your blog. You are so honest and open and I can really relate to almost everything you say. Congrats on the weight loss so far and good luck continuing! You are inspiring.

    (p.s. and can i just say that DANG you look good already!!)

  3. Don't be TOO hard on yourself now--seriously you look awesome already and the fact that you only have 10 lbs to go and your baby is only 5 mo old is unheard of!! Your goals and posts are inspiring and I love reading what you have to say :)