Monday, August 15, 2011

Some days really are cliche... like Mondays

With all the best intentions actually planned for the start of this week, this is what ACTUALLY happened with me today.

6:00am- Adam woke up. SO I woke-up. I laid in bed until 7:30 since Adam was going to be home by lunch.

7:30am- wake up to my crying child. He was still cute. Fed him.

8:30am- my breast pad accidentally falls in the toilet which I don't notice and I flush. OVERFLOWING TOILET.

9:00- instead of working out I am drying a sopping wet bathroom floor, and ignoring my child who is screaming for attention. As he likes in the morning.


9:30- Logan goes down for a nap. I'm crossing my fingers that he sleeps two hours so I can finish the laundry and work-out before he needs me again.

10:00am- I realize I don't have enough money to dry three loads of laundry. So I shove everything in one dryer- and say a prayer.

10:30- Logan wakes up screaming in the middle of my workout. So I got in a half hour of exercise. AND, after I feed him I discover that one dryer WONT dry all of my laundry.

11:00-1:00pm- I space laundry over every available surface in the house trying to dry the rest of our clothes while I talk to my mother and my sisters and Adams buddy Miller who called.

1:00- I put Logan, who is still upset over the lack of attention, down for a nap.

Also the power goes out. Until 3:30pm.

1:30- I make peanut butter and jelly. Because I cant open the fridge via the power being out. Then I fall asleep.

Oh, I fall asleep until 2 where my child refuses to nap. Again.

2:00- feed Logan. Then the electric guy comes in for a half hour to check our breakers before he turns the power back on. In the middle of Logan's lunch. Meaning I have to wait an half hour to breast feed Logan. I try to get him dressed. And he screams.

3:30- Logan is fully fed, and we are out the door. The power is also back on. I have to walk to the store because we are out of milk and our car is broken.

4:30- get back home from the store. Adam met me half way there on his walk home and helped me carry the two gallons of milk back to the house. Then, all in one moment I need to calm a scared child (he doesn't like the busy street by our house) feed a man who hasn't eaten since 7am and put away groceries.

Now at 5:30, Logan is refusing to sleep. Again. He's in his swing VERY mad at me and I am ignoring him as Adam naps on the couch after a long day at school. And I am taking a moment for me to blog and ignore him.

And to say that even though it is cliche- Mondays will be Mondays despite all the planning and good intentions you may have.

Now, here is a video of my son to prove even when he is crying that he is still darling :)

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