Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Month Down

I really think I forgot HOW MUCH can go on in a month when you are in school. WOW. So much has happened since we have been here! I will try to give you the quick low-down.

1. Adam started school. He LOVES it. He also professes that if you want to go to med school- major in neuro. He is having such an easier time than the majority of the students because so much of what they are now learning is just review for him from neuro class. (And the classes hes taking right now are Bio- Chem and Human Function. What till he actually TAKES Neuro next semester.)

1a. Medical school is very "ceremonial". They have a ceremony every year to emphasize the importance of what the students are learning. Adam had his last Friday. It was actually fun- short and sweet and they had an AMAZING buffet afterwards. I got to meet Adams friends, make friends with their girls, and eat :) Plus in my book. The video below is just of Adam walking across the stage, getting his stethoscope, signing his name to his "oath of integrity". Pretty cool.

2. Adam joined the army! We have been back and forth for two years or so on whether we were going to do this, and after Adams recruiter called when we moved to WV we both just felt like it was the right move. Adam got sworn in on Monday- he is now Lieutenant Adam Moeck :) (I Love it.) Its nice to know that this move feels SUPER right to the both of us, AND that it will keep us out of debt. And get us out of our current debt.

3. Our car broke down :( Its been hard going a week without it- Adam is tired of walking to school and I am nearing the end of groceries. BUT- on the good side it is in the shop as we speak, we should know what is wrong with it by this evening, and hopefully when the military money starts coming in we will buy a new car. One with four doors, a working trunk, and where all the windows can roll down :) Still- our acura has served us WELL over its call of duty- it has been the best car. (Thank you for it Ryan!)

4. The house is set up. I am still slacking on getting pictures up, and we want to invest in a kitchen table now that we actually feel very social (rare for us) but its nice to feel comfy cozy.

5. LOTS OF FRIENDS! Adam has gotten buddy with loads of guys because... well, they are all like him. Slightly introverted, really nerdy, put studying first, ready to settle down aka no more parties, and just generally interesting people. I am grateful that the ward is full of young couples, and that Adams buddies all seem to have girlfriends, fiances, or wives. Much more fun for me.

And on my side of things, there is a book club (we are reading my antonia for September- I LOVE that book) an painting class, family history classes, a farm near by to get fresh fruits at SUPER cheap... lots of things for me to do and people to be with when I want it.

6. We like West Virginia. Lots of rain storms. But it reminds us a lot of Provo. (Which pits WV itself into perspective when you realize Morgantown is about the size of Provo... and its the largest city in the state.) We have to get used to traffic again but that comes with school town territory. We will see if we still love it in the winter when we get snow.

7. Logan is getting HUGE. Its like he has put on 3 inches in two weeks! He is laughing so much more, eating more solids, and becoming LOUD. The kid may still LOOK like Adam but I think he has more my personality. Which means we are really in for it. :)
So we are happy, healthy, a little car-less but doing well!


  1. Good luck with the military money coming in! it took us FOREVER, and it's still not right. sigh. (and I think its funny jared would have to salute adam now even though he's been in longer, hahahaa) But, with the way Adam is doing things it may be a lot different. Enjoy your BAH!! :)

  2. Sarah it is so fun to read about what you guys are up to! It's funny that you said that Morgantown is the size of Provo - Gainesville (where we are now) is that size too - haha another college town. The pictures of your little boy are so cute!

  3. sarah you look so skinny, so jealous.

  4. It's fun to read your update because it seems like we are in the same boat in everything, new baby, husband in med school and army! It's fun to have another person in the same boat as us even though it maybe via cyber world!