Friday, August 5, 2011

Logan at 4 Months (and Pictures :)

I realized this morning that with all the moving I never really wrote about Logan at four months! And now that he is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT (best part about this last growth spurt by the way) I find that when I wake up around 7:30-8:00, I have a half hour or so on my hands so I am going to blog about it now.

Oh, and all the pictures are from the week or so before we moved, and the week we have been here now. There aren't any pictures of our apartment up yet, but I hope to get pictures on the wall here soon, and when I do that means I can put pictures on my blog wall :)

AT his four month appt Logan was a little over 14lbs, and 25 inches. 40th percentile for everything. :) SO we have a slightly littler than average little man. Fine by me! He can stay as little as he wants for as long as he wants! :)

Like I said before, after a few horrendous nights here right after the move (I think Logan was nervous about a new place, sounds, smells- one night I ended up just sleeping on the couch with him because he was up every two hours!) Logan now will go to bed around 8:30- 9:00, and will usually stay there until 7:00-8:00. AWESOME. Most AWESOME thing ever. AND he wakes up happy and talking! Also awesome. Thank you to the advice to make a bed time routine! It helps. We take a bath, change into pajamas (nothing cuter than feetie pajamas than a baby who can barely fit in them), read two stories, then sing songs until his eyes look droppy. Then he eats himself to sleep. Works like a charm.

Logan is well into solid foods. He LOVES squash and bananas. He like Sweet Potatoes and Peas and carrots. He will not tolerate green beans or prunes. (I sneak it by mixing it with carrots or cereal bwahahaha!) and he will sometimes eat peaches (he likes those cold) but they seem a little too sweet at the moment. He always screws up his face when he eats them. So funny.

He rolls over! Yay! He seemed so uninterested in that I was worried it would never happen ;) He hasn't quite made it from back to front yet- he gets caught on his little shoulder. But he LOVES to stand and to jump (Jumping I think may be the all time favorite- that and kicking. Maybe he will be my kickboxing man after all :) He loves crinkly toys or anything soft- like a stuffed animal he can hold.

No teeth yet- though the doctors say by the amount of slobber and how he chews on anything brought to his face that it should be soon. (I will believe it when I see it.) Logan DOES NOT like baby chew toys. He's not a plastic man. He would rather chew on a stuffed animal or a wash cloth. Which our doctor here in WV says is super normal. And better cuz a wash rag will clean his little gums.

Logan is SO impatient! When he wants something- he wants it then. When he is bored- you better change his position or get him a new toy then. He doesn't "get sleepy". He goes from happy playing to yelling "Put me to bed!" When he's hungry he cant even stand the two seconds it takes for me to open the container, or get a new spoonful of food.

Logan LOVES people, and talking. (That's from me :) If were out with people, if we "ignore" him for too long he will protest. LOUDLY. He will sit in his carseat just fine when we are in a car but once we are out- he wants to be out. He wants to see where we are, and look at the people, and see Adam and I and talk to us. It will be so much nicer when he gets a little bit better at sitting and can sit in a highchair in a restaurant.

He's pretty good at sitting- he just has a tendency to tip to one side every once and a while. He really likes to rock himself when he is sitting which I think throws him off balance a little. Or he will fold over like a frog so he can get to his toes.

Logan LOVES his toes. Playing with them, grabbing them, eating them, using them to grab things... he also likes hair. Which I don't like, but he is so darn cute I put up with it :) He likes to eat his fingers just as much. And if you let him grab your fingers he will eat those too. And if you bring him close to your face to rub noses or something, he will eat your nose or your cheek, or whatever his mouth is closest too :)

He is one smiling, talking, jumping, rocking, squealing and screaming delight. I can't believe how every morning when I get him up he looks bigger. He doesn't look like a newborn baby either- his face it getting that rounder more grown-up look. Y'all will think I am crazy, and we have nothing in the works, but we just love this kid so much, and have SO much fun with him, that we are DEFF excited to have two :)

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  1. I just noticed that I just bought the same carseat as you. Do you also have the stroller that goes with it? I am due in December and I got the carseat with the jogging type stroller. If you have the stroller, how do you like it? Logan is so cute, I can't wait to meet my little man!