Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is it already the end of August?

At the risk of sounding cliche... time goes by so fast!! Here is what we have been up too since my last update...

We bought a car! Our little Acura Leon wasn't worth the price of his repairs, so Adam's saintly friend John took us to the Hyundai dealership to see what kind of deal we could get. Turns out we could get the best financing possible and a 400 dollar trade in for Leon. So we are introducing...
Heather the Hyundai Elantra. :) WE LOVE HER. We love her four doors, her bluetooth capabilities, her automatic engine, the fact that she gets around 40mi/gal on the freeway, the fact that she is brand spankin new! Though Leon was a great car... to be honest... we don't miss him a bit.

Adam has his first test next week. All the tests run on a three week schedule. The week of the test they get Thursday off to study, take the test on Friday, then get the following Monday off to recuperate :) Adam had been a studying machine but at least he really likes it. He was teaching me all about blood clotting factors last night, and tested me this morning on how much I remembered. :) (I woke up too- "so what is the 13th clotting factor?" I had no idea.) He is a little nervous for the test but that is to be expected.

The great thing about this scheduling is, is that the Saturday before (so yesterday) the boys really need as much study time as they can get so all of us girls have decided that all the Saturdays before the test we will get together and go and explore Pittsburgh for the day :) Its about an hour and half from where we are and really, one of the coolest cities ever! We explored the downtown Saturday flea market and while we admired all the purses and jewelry- what did we buy? Brownies, cookies, and fresh homemade loafs of bread :) I LOVE my new friends :)

We haven't gotten callings at church yet. Since Adam and I have no piano playing abilities we weren't directly needed :) However the second councilor asked Adam today if he was an eagle scout so I have a feeling a calling in scouts or young men's is on its way :) We actually both just want to teach... I wouldn't even mind primary at this point because some of the women i want to get to know are in primary.

Logan is now 5 months. And with the comes the end of my "whatever" days. There is no gray area with him anymore- he is either the highest of all joys or a complete terror. Either way he's still pretty darling and we love him :)

That's all the really big stuff. In small news....
1. Our library mails its patrons free kids books each month. AWESOME.
2. I love book club. It gives me something to study while Adam studies
3. Looking forward to family history class at the start of next month
4. Wicked is coming to Pittsburgh in October... how do I convince Adam 60 a ticket is worth it for nose bleed? (Blue man group is coming in May of next year and we are both determined to go to that at least...)
5. So many things to do! Park days, play dates, the library, running trails, baby showers- the women around here love to be out and about and it makes me so happy
6. We have discovered the most delicious Mexican restaurant in the entire world. I am going to say it-it may be better than Cafe Rio.
7. $1.50 for one load of laundry is ridiculous
8. I love being able to straighten my hair
9. It storms here. A whole freakin crap ton. And Logan does NOT like super loud thunder.
10. The traffic in Morgantown is the worst I have ever experienced in my life. I wont go out after 2 in the afternoon unless I have too.


  1. You look so so awesome!! I love your new family picture!!!Glad to hear all is well :)

  2. Gah, I'm insanely jealous that you get to drive into Pittsburgh whenever you want to! Did you go to the Strip to get all your goodies? It's pretty much the best ever. I've got a whole long list of suggestions for you for the next time you head that direction... :)

    P.S. Logan is adorable.

    P.P.S. You are also adorable. :)

  3. KATE!!! Yes we went to the strip- coolest thing ever! Send me your list of things to do- we are going to head up there every three weeks or so when the guys need to study and all of us are always lost haha!