Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here in West Viriginia!

Yes we made it- about a week ago in fact :) We have just been so busy collecting furniture, picking up books, getting on government aid, meeting neighbors and church people, finding a bank, unpacking, setting up house, hooking up the internet... I just haven't hopped on here to blog :)
(Enjoy the random photos of Logan- it wouldn't be our blog without them. They were taken before we left- we had some fun dinner time with one of Adams best buds Brandon Walker before we left and documented it. :)The drive was fine- 7 and a half hours from Tennessee to here. Logan was a charm the whole way. We have our apartment mostly set up... we need another bookcase, end table and some sort of table or card table for the kitchen. And I need to get pictures on the walls but at least all the boxes have been unpacked right? There may be a pile or two of movies and books on my living room floor but really- that is besides the point :)I like West Virginia. I have only been here a week and a day so my opinions of the place might change. The area itself, or maybe it is the whole state, reminds me of an experience Adam and I had our second day here. We were desperate for a couch. We had gone to DI, Wal Mart, looked all over Craigs List, and just couldn't find anything. So we decided to google map some discount fruniture stores. One was right down the street so we decide to pop by.
When Adam pulls the car up front both of our heart sink. The place was AWFUL looking. It took us a full minute just to decide where the front door was, and we could only figure that out because there was a paper sign on it, and it was cracked open. It was in a hardly paved lot under some really nasty looking apartments. Dirty, gross, glass all over- when you pulled up this is the type of place we expect to see cockroaches skittering around. But we shrug- were here- so we brave the front door.
Inside? Some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen in my life. Linoleum floors, tan walls- all clean, and couches we dream of owning some day when Adam is making bank. Carved headboards, leather sofas, tapestry draped sofas, heavy wooden tables... we took fifteen minutes to just walk around and admire everything in there even though we KNEW we would never be able to afford even a bar stool. (Which were black, leather, art deco, amazing and 99 each.)Do you get the allegory? You drive into Morgantown and see loads of really run down houses. Tiny one way roads. Men in trucks that I would swear are so rundown they don't even have floor boards- without shirts on. (You see that a lot here- it really is a thing.) Everyone smoking. Awful traffic.
And yet- our apartment though outdated is the cleanest place that we have rented yet. (And our stove the best working! Our internet the fastest!) Our neighbors are SO sweet- our apartment manager so helpful. The people at church- SO SMART. Everyone here seems brilliant to me. I have gotten used to Tennessee where as a college graduate I was sort of the top of the food chain. Here that makes me the bottom. Everyone has or is working towards some type of graduate degree. Even the older women who you would expect to not have cared about that type of thing have some years in graduate school under their belts. Its intimidating to me but also sort of exciting- I have so much I can learn!
Everyone who works in the government offices seems to be a registered nurse- and they all care SO MUCH about their community! I mean- one woman in the WIC office was oozing passion when she talk about a breastfeeding walk they were hosting. The people I saw in the govermentm offices instead of being the- well, I'll say it- trash- you expect, were well groomed, their kids were clean and polite...Basically what I would say about West Virginia and Morgantown is that it is just not what you expect. An intensely medical community- that has really only now started pushing breastfeeding as good and healthy. (In Tennessee I would have been almost shunned for bottle feeding without a medical reason for doing so haha!) When you drive to buildings you cant' believe you are going to step inside, and yet find yourself STAYING for a while. To be honest? I kind of like that the town has shaken me from me pre-conceptions :) I am so much more willing to discover now. We may find things we hate, and we may find a lot more things we love. But after a week here I think I can safely say that we expect to quite enjoy our stay.

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