Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five months!

Logan hit five months last week! He has DEFINITELY gone through a growth spurt since we have been here- I would guess he's a good 16 or 17 lbs and 26 or 27 inches. He's starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler too.

Life with Logan these days is always an extreme. He is either the utmost joy and I can't get enough of him... or he is like a screaming demon :) (Never really that bad- but there are some days where its all I can do...)

He sleeps a good 12 hours now... which is affecting his naps lately- we are only getting 3 1 hour naps when he usually takes 2 2 hour naps and 1 1 hour nap. I miss getting things done...

Logan reminds me of my little bother- he wants center stage. If I'm talking to friends and its been a few minutes since anyone has admired him he will draw his attention back to you. LOUDLY. But once you DO look at him he rewards your efforts with adorable faces and laughs :) (Sometimes I feel like he is training me more than I him...)

And really- he is so much fun to hold and watch and get to laugh that I don't mind sacrificing my dishes most of the time. Adam and I can't get enough of him. He is learning so much and so fast! He really focuses on our phones now, or a computer, or a book. When Adam and I facetime he actually watches Adam- I love watching him work things out and figure things out.

We are on the verge of crawling. I put Logan on his stomach and a toy just out of his reach and you can watch him wiggle and struggle to get to it. He gets SUPER man when he can't- but I figure its good for him right? The effort? Poor kids wants to move so bad. He loves to stand and rock-

He loves to sit now that he can. No more reclining for our son which means we have to invest in a bath seat and a booster seat soon cuz Logan gets mad when he cant sit on his own. He can do it really well without support too- its just that the moment he looks down and sees his toes he wants those, and reaching for them usually makes him topple over. :)

No teeth yet but I think Logan wants those as much as he wants to walk. He chews- and I really mean chew, not suck- on EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. Clothes, toes, hair... if its near him or in his hand it goes into the mouth. (I have a feeling he is going to be one of those kids to eat dirt...)

Logan is rarely quiet anymore. He is either laughing, talking, blowing raspberries, spitting, squealing, screaming, crying- I could do without the angry screaming but the rest of it I LOVE :) I love having conversations with him, when he will focus on my face- sometimes even grab it between his hands, and talk to me. Those are some of my favorite moments.

He can be a handful but I think I would be bummed if he wasn't. I love his spirit- I love how strong his little personality is now. I love that he is his own little self. I know I will have to fight upstream against it later- but I would be sad if he was easy to wade through :)

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