Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Get Busy" by Sean Paul Zumba

I'm just going to stop putting that this is another video from my Zumba video :) Just expect that the next... ten or so zumba video posts are all ones that I put on my video :)

I actually looked up Zumba videos that were done to Sean Paul songs on purpose. I LOVE Sean Paul. I get the best runs, the best hikes, the best workouts in general to his music AND he has always been one of my favorites to dance to in the bathroom when I am getting ready. He just makes me want to move.

On a maybe personal side note, my friend Evelyn is new bride giving genius, and makes all of her friends a CD called "The First Time" when they get married. Of course, to be fair, the first song always has to be Mrvin Gayes Get It On. But on me CD, the next TWO songs were both my Sean Paul :) And I think there was another one or two by him in there as well.

Love Sean Paul.

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