Friday, June 3, 2011

Daddy Time

It's funny- I think all people and potential parents have their worries about being parents, or entering a new phase of their life. Adam and I certainly had a lot and what I find funny, is how many of our worries were legit and based in fact and observation but totally DID NOT hold true in real life. Love it when that happens. Especially since I think it is rare.

One of Adam's concerns was time. I think a lot of guys feel this way when they work all day. But also... I think guys worry about connecting to their kids more. As women we really ARE given ahead start- even if you adopt and don't carry your own child. You feel them, change them... usually and in general- spend more time with your kid than the man does. Adam had heard so many guys express how they connected with their child when their child got older- and could run around and actually play, and Adam was worried a little about not caring enough for Logan when he was tiny.

Honestly- I am pretty sure that Adam is a better parent than I am. It was a worry he had based on observation from others... but unfounded when it came to Adam. He had been so connected to Logan- I love watching them together- every minute of it. They are so funny and so endearing together. They could stare at one another for a good hour before either of them gets tired, bored or upset. Adam has proven the most AMAZING dad.

He comes home from work and always wants to see and kiss Logan right away. In fact, I have switched our schedule around so Logan is fed and burped by the time Adam should be home that way he is ready to play right off the bat. Don't worry- he still gives me a kiss, but then his arms go right out and he says, "Give me my son!"

He has asked me to send pictures of Logan during the day because, and I quote. "I miss him all day."

Anyways- I just had to brag on how wonderful of a man I have and how we are just so happy in our little family. And seeing my boys happy together makes me even happier. Enjoy the cute pictures :)

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  1. Cute pictures! I'm sure he is such a good daddy :)

    I love sending pictures of the kids to Justin. It helps you stay connected all day too, so they get to be "part of it" even when they're off to work. Y'all have such a cute family :)