Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catch Up

Every spring (since like... 8th grade) I go through this "who am I?" freak out phase. I always solve it with the same pattern:
1. Read Anne of Green Gables
2. Loose Weight
3. Write a book (a brand new one)
4. do something extreme

By extreme I mean (these are past examples): go to England. Live and work in California. Change jobs. Move. Change majors.

You know what I mean. Extreme.

This year for some reason my extreme thing seemed to be to give up technology. Seriously. Getting on the computer to check my email was strange. Which is why all the blogs you have been reading on here have all been pre-done. I haven't written a fresh in the moment new blog in like... a month and a half.

But, I have slowly been easing myself back into the electronic world, and SO MUCH good stuff has been going on in our lives that I had to come and post it all nice and fresh like.

1. ADAM GOT INTO MED SCHOOL. That's right. 4 years from now you will be looking at an MD!
In the middle of last week I was working out and Adam comes downstairs and stands in the doorway of the living room smiling at my goofily. Now, I REALLY hate this because a, I hate being watched while I am working out and b, I can't chat while I am doing tae bo. So when I can finally breath out, "what?" he says:

"I got in."

I stopped mid kick. "What?"

"West Virginia just called. I got into medical school."

Needless to say my workout stopped there. There was a lot of screaming and hugging then crying. Then Adam called his parents, more crying. I called my parents, more crying. And we texted about everyone in our phones.

Orientation starts Aug 8, so we are hoping to move (to Morgantown West Virginia- he is going to their med school) around the 25th of July. We just have to get loans and apartments all sorted out.

But we felt, and are still feeling, every good feeling in the book. Happiness, excitement, relief, gratitude, blessed- I know they say that during rough patches people tend to lean more heavily on their faith, but I think in periods of extreme blessings this is true too. Adam and I have never been so good about scriptures and prayers.

2. Logan got blessed! Its been a long time coming I know- but we had been back and forth on where and when- and then with Adams work he has limited Sundays- either way it was VERY special. We did it on fathers days, and Logan was in Adams baby blessing outfit, and we blessed him in the same building Adam was blessed in which made it super sweet. Adam cried during it, and I got most of it written down. I want to frame it and put it on Logan's bedroom wall so he can always remember what we saw and knew about him from birth.
3. I am loosing weight! At my best weight I was 140, and I was probably around 150, 155 when I got pregnant. Either way- when I went in to have Logan, that morning of the 24th I weighed 200. (That almost hurts me to admit.) Today on the 21st, so almost exactly three months later- I am 161. Pretty good if I do say so myself. (And THANK YOU weight watchers!) My goal is to be 140 again by the end of Oct, so just in time for our anniversary. Either way- it feels good to fit into normal jeans. Not my skinny ones yet, but I have been able to pack the "fat jeans" away as well. I am pretty comfortable with the inbetweeners.
And I have a new love- Tai Kickboxing. There is a workout on Netflicks streaming called Extreme Abs and Back by this ex-boxer named Michael Oljide- and HOLY CRAP. If that doesn't get my torso back together nothing well. Its awesome.

4. Logan will be three months this Friday! Time really does fly so fast. I love him. Every moment of him. He is the cutest, sweetest, funniest little dude ever. Last night he slept NINE hours. 9! That's amazing for me.
We also started him on solids this week. I know they say to wait until four months, but Logan was showing every other sign that he was ready and he has taken to it like a CHAMP! No problems swallowing or anything. In fact, our biggest struggle is that his bib is bright and fun and it attracts his attention away from his food and he ends up eating the bib. (Which lets face it- is just hilarious and adorable.)
He is smiling, talking, I think on the verge of laughing- he loves the outdoors, the water, standing, his swing, and of course Adam. Getting to spend all my time with him- throwups and blowout diapers included- are the best ever.

So that is our life at the moment. Basically nothing can get us down. Adam is PSYCHED to start studying, I am excited to have a for sure living place for two years to decorate and have fun with. We are happy and healthy, our baby is happy and healthy- our cup is overflowing and our glasses are ROSY red!


  1. Congrats on Adam getting into Med School! And your little boy is so cute. I like your family picture with Logan's blue bow matching your blue shirt - it's super cute! Hope all is going well for you Sarah!

  2. Hi! I've read your blog a few times, and I know you are a writer, so here is a small tip - loose and lose are two different words. When you say you want to "loose weight" you really mean "lose weight". I used to think you were typing so fast you didn't notice, but you do it every time. And you talk about "loosing weight" a lot. Just advice from one budding writer to another.

  3. Congratulations on school! I am so excited for you guys. :) Adam will be great. I LOVE to read your blog so I'm glad that you're back with technology now. Logan is cute as ever. I hope we can meet someday!

  4. Yay for happy life changes! I knew some of the YAs in Morgantown when I lived in Pittsburgh and I think you guys are going to love it. )And if you ever want to take a trip into Pittsburgh, let me know and I'll make some recommendations.) Congrats to Adam, and congrats to you for all that weight loss! :)

  5. Yeah Yeah on med school! And I am also super excited because you will only be three hours away.