Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Billy Blanks Interview

I felt after posting that post about kickboxing lately, that I should post some stuff about the guy who MAKES the videos.

I am the type of person who when I work-out in a class or to a video, if the instructor is no good, too confusing, or uninspiring, I will turn it off. No matter how good the work out is. I feel like working out is a little like school- a lot of what makes a class good, is not JUST how much the person wants to learn, but the teacher that is teaching it.

I really believe that one of the reasons I have always excelled in English is not just because I love it, but because almost every english teacher I have had has been fun, passionate, and inspiring. I am sure they have their own issues- but you can tell they teach because they WANT to, and they love the subject.

I feel that way about Billy Blanks. One of the reasons I love his videos is because all the way through them he talks about how we get healthy to help improve our minds. Its never about looking hot- its also personal, and even spiritual. Enjoying the gift of our bodies that God has given us- and taking care of them. COnnecting to them.

He is such an inspiring person, and so much more so when I just learned that he had a learning disability - which he overcame - and that he didn't even learn to read until he was 35. He has worked so much, and done so much to be the marital artist that he wanted to be, and then to pass on his wisdom and enthusiasm for the human body to others. Which is why he makes his amazing and awesome videos.

I think I have added him to my "what famous people I would invite to a dinner party".

Anyways, this is a little interview with him about what he does and why, and his thoughts, and it is TRULY wonderful and inspiring. It is just one of the reasons why I work out with him and I thought you might like to see it.

Thanks for helping me love myself Billy!

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