Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite Commercial and Review

Yes, we are back to the kickboxing :) I think my next round for these exercise video posts is to find clips of the videos that I actually OWN and put them on here. Because they are awesome, they work, and the videos are like- 10 dollars at wal mart. Super deal.

Anyways- this is a video about a "boot-camp" BIlly does. Its different than the Tae Bo Videos but I REALLY want to try it. Really, I have decided that I think I want EVERY Billy video in the world and I want to try them all. But this one looks REALLY good to me so- yeah. Here is a video about it :)

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Albanian Boys

I just realized that I never posted pictures from when Adam's best friends from his mission (he was companions with both of these guys twice!) came to visit us. They came at the start of May and stayed for a few days. It was SO MUCH FUN! We went out to eat, to the park, to the mall, and sat at home and watched a lot of TV, played a lot of video games, and did A LOT of talking. It was the best.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Talkin Cutie Tootie

Maybe this isn't as cute as I think it is but- well- I think its adorable. And I think my son is adorable. This is him talking. Which he LOVES to do :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Get Busy" by Sean Paul Zumba

I'm just going to stop putting that this is another video from my Zumba video :) Just expect that the next... ten or so zumba video posts are all ones that I put on my video :)

I actually looked up Zumba videos that were done to Sean Paul songs on purpose. I LOVE Sean Paul. I get the best runs, the best hikes, the best workouts in general to his music AND he has always been one of my favorites to dance to in the bathroom when I am getting ready. He just makes me want to move.

On a maybe personal side note, my friend Evelyn is new bride giving genius, and makes all of her friends a CD called "The First Time" when they get married. Of course, to be fair, the first song always has to be Mrvin Gayes Get It On. But on me CD, the next TWO songs were both my Sean Paul :) And I think there was another one or two by him in there as well.

Love Sean Paul.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catch Up

Every spring (since like... 8th grade) I go through this "who am I?" freak out phase. I always solve it with the same pattern:
1. Read Anne of Green Gables
2. Loose Weight
3. Write a book (a brand new one)
4. do something extreme

By extreme I mean (these are past examples): go to England. Live and work in California. Change jobs. Move. Change majors.

You know what I mean. Extreme.

This year for some reason my extreme thing seemed to be to give up technology. Seriously. Getting on the computer to check my email was strange. Which is why all the blogs you have been reading on here have all been pre-done. I haven't written a fresh in the moment new blog in like... a month and a half.

But, I have slowly been easing myself back into the electronic world, and SO MUCH good stuff has been going on in our lives that I had to come and post it all nice and fresh like.

1. ADAM GOT INTO MED SCHOOL. That's right. 4 years from now you will be looking at an MD!
In the middle of last week I was working out and Adam comes downstairs and stands in the doorway of the living room smiling at my goofily. Now, I REALLY hate this because a, I hate being watched while I am working out and b, I can't chat while I am doing tae bo. So when I can finally breath out, "what?" he says:

"I got in."

I stopped mid kick. "What?"

"West Virginia just called. I got into medical school."

Needless to say my workout stopped there. There was a lot of screaming and hugging then crying. Then Adam called his parents, more crying. I called my parents, more crying. And we texted about everyone in our phones.

Orientation starts Aug 8, so we are hoping to move (to Morgantown West Virginia- he is going to their med school) around the 25th of July. We just have to get loans and apartments all sorted out.

But we felt, and are still feeling, every good feeling in the book. Happiness, excitement, relief, gratitude, blessed- I know they say that during rough patches people tend to lean more heavily on their faith, but I think in periods of extreme blessings this is true too. Adam and I have never been so good about scriptures and prayers.

2. Logan got blessed! Its been a long time coming I know- but we had been back and forth on where and when- and then with Adams work he has limited Sundays- either way it was VERY special. We did it on fathers days, and Logan was in Adams baby blessing outfit, and we blessed him in the same building Adam was blessed in which made it super sweet. Adam cried during it, and I got most of it written down. I want to frame it and put it on Logan's bedroom wall so he can always remember what we saw and knew about him from birth.
3. I am loosing weight! At my best weight I was 140, and I was probably around 150, 155 when I got pregnant. Either way- when I went in to have Logan, that morning of the 24th I weighed 200. (That almost hurts me to admit.) Today on the 21st, so almost exactly three months later- I am 161. Pretty good if I do say so myself. (And THANK YOU weight watchers!) My goal is to be 140 again by the end of Oct, so just in time for our anniversary. Either way- it feels good to fit into normal jeans. Not my skinny ones yet, but I have been able to pack the "fat jeans" away as well. I am pretty comfortable with the inbetweeners.
And I have a new love- Tai Kickboxing. There is a workout on Netflicks streaming called Extreme Abs and Back by this ex-boxer named Michael Oljide- and HOLY CRAP. If that doesn't get my torso back together nothing well. Its awesome.

4. Logan will be three months this Friday! Time really does fly so fast. I love him. Every moment of him. He is the cutest, sweetest, funniest little dude ever. Last night he slept NINE hours. 9! That's amazing for me.
We also started him on solids this week. I know they say to wait until four months, but Logan was showing every other sign that he was ready and he has taken to it like a CHAMP! No problems swallowing or anything. In fact, our biggest struggle is that his bib is bright and fun and it attracts his attention away from his food and he ends up eating the bib. (Which lets face it- is just hilarious and adorable.)
He is smiling, talking, I think on the verge of laughing- he loves the outdoors, the water, standing, his swing, and of course Adam. Getting to spend all my time with him- throwups and blowout diapers included- are the best ever.

So that is our life at the moment. Basically nothing can get us down. Adam is PSYCHED to start studying, I am excited to have a for sure living place for two years to decorate and have fun with. We are happy and healthy, our baby is happy and healthy- our cup is overflowing and our glasses are ROSY red!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Billy Blanks Interview

I felt after posting that post about kickboxing lately, that I should post some stuff about the guy who MAKES the videos.

I am the type of person who when I work-out in a class or to a video, if the instructor is no good, too confusing, or uninspiring, I will turn it off. No matter how good the work out is. I feel like working out is a little like school- a lot of what makes a class good, is not JUST how much the person wants to learn, but the teacher that is teaching it.

I really believe that one of the reasons I have always excelled in English is not just because I love it, but because almost every english teacher I have had has been fun, passionate, and inspiring. I am sure they have their own issues- but you can tell they teach because they WANT to, and they love the subject.

I feel that way about Billy Blanks. One of the reasons I love his videos is because all the way through them he talks about how we get healthy to help improve our minds. Its never about looking hot- its also personal, and even spiritual. Enjoying the gift of our bodies that God has given us- and taking care of them. COnnecting to them.

He is such an inspiring person, and so much more so when I just learned that he had a learning disability - which he overcame - and that he didn't even learn to read until he was 35. He has worked so much, and done so much to be the marital artist that he wanted to be, and then to pass on his wisdom and enthusiasm for the human body to others. Which is why he makes his amazing and awesome videos.

I think I have added him to my "what famous people I would invite to a dinner party".

Anyways, this is a little interview with him about what he does and why, and his thoughts, and it is TRULY wonderful and inspiring. It is just one of the reasons why I work out with him and I thought you might like to see it.

Thanks for helping me love myself Billy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tootsie Roll Zumba

Yet another video from my video.

I put this one right before my cool-down. Some people may think it is a LITTLE intense to be doing when you are trying to slow your heart rate a little bit but I think it is GREAT for abs, which is why I put it there. If I add in a special "abs" dance I don't have to feel like I need to do crunches afterwards. And I am ALL FOR THAT.

And the dance is good. Even if real tootsie rolls are NASTY.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Daddy Time

It's funny- I think all people and potential parents have their worries about being parents, or entering a new phase of their life. Adam and I certainly had a lot and what I find funny, is how many of our worries were legit and based in fact and observation but totally DID NOT hold true in real life. Love it when that happens. Especially since I think it is rare.

One of Adam's concerns was time. I think a lot of guys feel this way when they work all day. But also... I think guys worry about connecting to their kids more. As women we really ARE given ahead start- even if you adopt and don't carry your own child. You feel them, change them... usually and in general- spend more time with your kid than the man does. Adam had heard so many guys express how they connected with their child when their child got older- and could run around and actually play, and Adam was worried a little about not caring enough for Logan when he was tiny.

Honestly- I am pretty sure that Adam is a better parent than I am. It was a worry he had based on observation from others... but unfounded when it came to Adam. He had been so connected to Logan- I love watching them together- every minute of it. They are so funny and so endearing together. They could stare at one another for a good hour before either of them gets tired, bored or upset. Adam has proven the most AMAZING dad.

He comes home from work and always wants to see and kiss Logan right away. In fact, I have switched our schedule around so Logan is fed and burped by the time Adam should be home that way he is ready to play right off the bat. Don't worry- he still gives me a kiss, but then his arms go right out and he says, "Give me my son!"

He has asked me to send pictures of Logan during the day because, and I quote. "I miss him all day."

Anyways- I just had to brag on how wonderful of a man I have and how we are just so happy in our little family. And seeing my boys happy together makes me even happier. Enjoy the cute pictures :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped

Well, I am taking a break from all of the Zumba posts to post about my OTHER very favorite thing in the world. Okay- my FAVORITE. I do love this more than Zumba. (Weird right?)


I guess I get as many people looking at me weird, okay more, when I say I love to kick box, as when I say I really like Zumba. I think when I say kickboxing people think I am in a cage. (Which actually, I have seen this done in a minor league, just for fun level, and would I be AWFUL to admit that I would actually like to try it some day? Against a girl of course.)

When I say Tae Bo, i really mean just the exercise of it. And better than me trying to explain to you what it is really like, (no I am NOT in a cage) I decided to post this video. This is actually a clip from a Billy Blanks video- the ones that I do, and the ones that have been rated the very BEST for kickboxing/ tae bo.

So when I say- I love to kick box- this is what I mean. This is what I do, at least once a week if not more. (And trust me- even if it doesn't look like the most intense sweat session you have ever had- it is. And you really WORK those muscles. Tae Bo in these videos is just as much about toning as the cardio. Which is what is best about them.)