Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Lindsay Moore- Pasame La Boteille

This is actually not my most favorite Zumba video, and it goes against some of the previous "rules" that I have posted for videos I use, but I HAD to put it in just for nostalgia sakes. And, it really isn't too bad of a dance. It works you.

My room-mate LIndsay discovered this song when she went to Mexico one summer and it became one of our top songs. Meaning we turned it on A LOT and danced to it- A LOT. In the bathroom. Yes sometimes in underwear. Its just too much fun :)

So LIndsay- this is for you ;) Dedicated from me with ALL of my love. :) (Too bad we didn't learn this dance back then right? We could have put our getting ready dances to a lot more use haha!)

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