Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adams Birthday, and Easter!

Adam turned 25 on April 18th. It was his first day of work at the nursing home so there wasn't much that we could do... but he got home at 2 and we relaxed and played, and then we went to get Mexican food for dinner. Fun! And then the next night when we had more time we went to The Outback with Adams parents. (And I had an AMAZING steak.)

(The door is what I did for Adam's gift- we used to do it in the dorms on peoples birthday and I think it is super fun. I covered the edge of his computers too :)
Logan's gift to Adam :) A balloon. But an awesome one.
My birthday gift to Adam :) He wore it to dinner with a hat and socks that say "I love daddy" on them.
Adams gift to himself- or our chosen gift- PORTAL 2!
Logan was crying, and I wanted to play co-op with Adam, and Logan likes Adam better than me. He sat calm like this for... quite some time :)
Yay Easter! I make Adam dye easter eggs every year, and I have to say, even though Logan couldn't actually dye anything since he doesn't know his hands are connected to him yet, it was so much MORE fun with him!
We tried a new dyeing kit this year where you put paint in a little plastic bag, and then rub the paint around on the egg. I think the eggs needed to be more dry. But it was WAY cleaner which Adam approved of A LOT :)

This is Logan yawing halfway through the activity- I think this is his way of telling us... "Yeah um... guys? I'm done."
This is me trying to keep him up and happy until we actually WERE done. :)

Happy Easter Sunday! Logan turned exactly a month on Easter Sunday so it was his first Sunday at church, as well as it being easter. Look how darling he is!
I made the shirt and booties, and Adam's mom provided the pants. One of the only pairs that fits over his tiny bum and legs.
Adam and I made a basket for our family (we did a group basket this year with treats for us, and a little froggy bath toy for Logan. Since he can't have treats.) But THIS basket we gave to Adam's parents after church :)

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  1. What great pictures Sarah! Seriously, what a cute kid you've got!