Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zoot Suit Riot

Here is another video I used in my own Zumba DVD. I LOVE IT. But then again I love this song, and have really fun memories of me and my Prom date dancing to it at me senior prom. Which by the way was SEVEN years ago. SEVEN! (I am thinking about this because my sister had HER senior prom a little while back and it makes me feel OLD.)

But I am not old. I remind myself this all the time. And, even old people can do Zumba :) And it makes you feel young. So there. Love the Zoot Suit Riot. (Though of course I am talking about the song and this dance and not the real thing.)

This one I put right after my warm-up. It is fun, not TOO hard to do, and it gets the heart rate pumping without sending you directly into cardio blast mode. Work yourself to that point slowly :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thumb Sucking

These were taken at around 2 weeks. When he discovers his hands...

We are in for it :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

First Real Outing and Aunt Amy's Visit

From April 3 to the 12th Adams sister Amy was in town! I am realizing now that I am a horrible mom and sister and never got a picture of her and Logan together the entire time she was here. Granted- it turned out to be logans difficult week. He went through a growth spurt and decided to eat very 90 minutes which also meant that he didn't sleep or nap well. Which made the both of us cranky. So we didn't make many debuted to the real world- but stayed cooped up in our room.

We did get out once or twice and manage to have some fun though. Amy took Adam, Logan, an I out to eat to the best restaurant in town.. It's this little japenese place where they make the food in front of you. So good! Though we did discover it gives logan gas which means I have to give myself 6 months before I get more. Sad day.

One day when Adam was at work, Amy and I took advantage of the free car and went to the mall- which is where these pictures are from. Amy got to find a dress for her friends weddin and some swim suits, and I got to test out my jogger striker (yes it is as awesome as I made it out to seem) and show Logan off to all my co-workers. I think Logan likes his carseat because he really conks out anytime he is in it. We were at the mall for two hours and he slept the entire time. Best nap he had all that wek haha!

Thanks for coming aunt Amy! We miss you already!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Lindsay Moore- Pasame La Boteille

This is actually not my most favorite Zumba video, and it goes against some of the previous "rules" that I have posted for videos I use, but I HAD to put it in just for nostalgia sakes. And, it really isn't too bad of a dance. It works you.

My room-mate LIndsay discovered this song when she went to Mexico one summer and it became one of our top songs. Meaning we turned it on A LOT and danced to it- A LOT. In the bathroom. Yes sometimes in underwear. Its just too much fun :)

So LIndsay- this is for you ;) Dedicated from me with ALL of my love. :) (Too bad we didn't learn this dance back then right? We could have put our getting ready dances to a lot more use haha!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Serial novel corrections part 2 chapter 1

Sorry I am posting this reminder so late- little baby Logan has caught a cold so naturally I want to do nothing but cuddle him all day, which means there is still laundry all over my floor, and dishes in my sink :)

however, just reminding you that corrections to the last serial novel post have just now been posted to be creative blog,
There weren't really any correction suggestions this week, but I have done some outlining to clarify a few confusing things. Check it out and enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our First Walk

Obviously this is late... Logan and I took his very first walk when he was about a week and a half old. I hadn't gotten the go ahead from my doctor to exercise yet, besides walking of course, so I couldn't take out my awesome jogger stroller. Using it on the hills in Tennessee would have been a little too much resistance training at the time.

Lucky I got this awesome Carrie for free! We just walked around the block... Took us maybe thirty minutes. Logan slept the whole time haha! But I still thought it was fun.

Logan had grabbed onto my finger when Adam helped first put him in the carrier and he squeezed it almost our entire walk. I know. I was basically the cutest thing ever. Love my little boy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Inside of My Future Home

I found this picture on my friend Cindy's Blog and I am re-posting it here because I agree with her.

Though I am trying to de-clutter my house right now, which means going digital with books, someday when Adam and I have a home of our own and I have time and space for a library...

This is what I want my house to look like.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Serial Novel Part 2 Chapter 1

Just a little reminder, the second post to my serial novel is happening today! It should have posted on my Creative Blog at 6am this morning, so make sure to go and check it out! What was posted should be the end of the second chapter.

If this your first time viewing my serial novel, you can find the first part of the first chapter under any of the following tags: Serial Novel, writing part 1, chapter 1

Don't forget to leave your comments over there if you have them!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adams Birthday, and Easter!

Adam turned 25 on April 18th. It was his first day of work at the nursing home so there wasn't much that we could do... but he got home at 2 and we relaxed and played, and then we went to get Mexican food for dinner. Fun! And then the next night when we had more time we went to The Outback with Adams parents. (And I had an AMAZING steak.)

(The door is what I did for Adam's gift- we used to do it in the dorms on peoples birthday and I think it is super fun. I covered the edge of his computers too :)
Logan's gift to Adam :) A balloon. But an awesome one.
My birthday gift to Adam :) He wore it to dinner with a hat and socks that say "I love daddy" on them.
Adams gift to himself- or our chosen gift- PORTAL 2!
Logan was crying, and I wanted to play co-op with Adam, and Logan likes Adam better than me. He sat calm like this for... quite some time :)
Yay Easter! I make Adam dye easter eggs every year, and I have to say, even though Logan couldn't actually dye anything since he doesn't know his hands are connected to him yet, it was so much MORE fun with him!
We tried a new dyeing kit this year where you put paint in a little plastic bag, and then rub the paint around on the egg. I think the eggs needed to be more dry. But it was WAY cleaner which Adam approved of A LOT :)

This is Logan yawing halfway through the activity- I think this is his way of telling us... "Yeah um... guys? I'm done."
This is me trying to keep him up and happy until we actually WERE done. :)

Happy Easter Sunday! Logan turned exactly a month on Easter Sunday so it was his first Sunday at church, as well as it being easter. Look how darling he is!
I made the shirt and booties, and Adam's mom provided the pants. One of the only pairs that fits over his tiny bum and legs.
Adam and I made a basket for our family (we did a group basket this year with treats for us, and a little froggy bath toy for Logan. Since he can't have treats.) But THIS basket we gave to Adam's parents after church :)