Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zoot Suit Riot

Here is another video I used in my own Zumba DVD. I LOVE IT. But then again I love this song, and have really fun memories of me and my Prom date dancing to it at me senior prom. Which by the way was SEVEN years ago. SEVEN! (I am thinking about this because my sister had HER senior prom a little while back and it makes me feel OLD.)

But I am not old. I remind myself this all the time. And, even old people can do Zumba :) And it makes you feel young. So there. Love the Zoot Suit Riot. (Though of course I am talking about the song and this dance and not the real thing.)

This one I put right after my warm-up. It is fun, not TOO hard to do, and it gets the heart rate pumping without sending you directly into cardio blast mode. Work yourself to that point slowly :)

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  1. So I know TN is a couple of hours ahead but I didn't realize you were a couple of months also! The date on your post says June 1. :)