Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I Want An I-Pad Versus Any Other E-Reader

With all the baby stuff moving in, like I have said before, Adam and I have been trying to de-clutter our space. Also, we know we will be moving sometime and it would be nice if it was easier than our move here. Which means getting rid of A LOT because of the fact that we now have loads of baby gear.

When it comes to getting rid of things the item that hits the top of the list? Yeah, books. Books take up loads of space, and they are mega heavy which makes them hard to move. Now- I will NEVR believe that an e-reader can take the spot of the feel and the smell of a book. Especially an old one. But, maybe right now, before med school and years before we know where we will settle some day, maybe right now is NOT the time to really start a library.

Enter the E-Reader conundrum. I have finally been able to cope with the idea of getting an e-reader, and getting rid of A LOT of my books. (Adam has agreed that really nice hard covers, or super old ones or super sentimental ones like my Anne of Green Gables we will keep. We are okay with a box or two of books- just not the current... 8 or 9 that we have? And these are not small boxes.) I will love Hunger Game and Twilight just as much on an e-reader as I do in my hand.

But- I am VERY picky about the e-reader that I want. But Adam and I keep on going back and forth on what to get so I am just going to empty my brain here and see what everyone thinks.

My initial desire was the Color Nook. I like the color of it, because I can get kids books on it and that would be SUPER fun to read with Logan. I really want that full touch screen and that full book look so I CAN read things like Junie B Jones with Logan, that have full pictures, and you don't loose any of the effect from the transition from real book to e-reader. The Color Nook offers all of that. We also love the fact that it accepts any file type. Awesome.

However, upon reading reviews on CNET.com, and testing the Color Nook at Best Buy, I am SUPER disappointed with its response time. Which is NOT very good at all. I am not spending 250 to get something that may take a minute to load between pages. The Nook processor is rated badly which crossed it off my list immediately.

So onto the Kindle. I LOVE the battery life of the Kindle. I love the storage space of the kindle. I love that it has the response time and processing power that I want and need. I DISLIKE the fact that it is not full screen. I dislike the fact that it is not fully touch screen. I dislike the fact that it is NOT in color and I can't experience a book in the same way I could when I am holding it in my hands. I want the real deal- in digital form and the Kindle cannot seem to offer that.

Plus, all the buttons and such on the sides are oddly placed- the design is just not ideal. Adam dislikes the fact that it does not accept all file types. We were seriously leaning towards the Kindle, especially when considering its awesome price. But when Adam found out all the files it excludes, HE crossed it off of our list.

Which leads us to the I-Pad. The option we keep on heading back too. The Mac Digital Reader app is EXACTLY what I want. Beautiful color and touch like the Nook. I feel like I have the real book in my hand. I LOVE that. I WANT that. The I-Pad has wonderful battery life, wonderful response time, can take any file type, has a great web-browser for downloads... in Adam and mines minds, the I-Pad gives us the very best in what we want in an e-reader.

Our only problem with the i-pad, is that it also comes with a lot of extras which is what drives up its price. Though we wont complain about extras, we just don't need them. (Or I don't really- cuz the i-pad would be mine.) And I guess the only thing that is stopping us from getting it is that we really feel a little extravagant because it is more than we need.

Yet, nothing else measures up to WHAT we need. So, its either settle for less and don't be totally happy for a good cheap price. Or get everything we want but a lot more- for a higher price.

There just doesn't seem to be a happy e-reader medium for us. What are your thoughts?


  1. IPads are backlit, right? (meaning the screen is bright like a computer screen). That's no bueno if you're going to be reading from it for several hours-- it's pretty rough on your eyes.

    We got Anthony a Kindle for his birthday a few weeks ago and he LOVES it. But he only uses it as an e-reader. He reads some purchased books and TONS of older books that are available for free as pdfs online, and since the screen is like looking at paper, it's comfortable to use for several hours. He also found a free program online than can easily change files into kindle-compatible file types...whatever kind that is.

    As for using with Logan... I really like reading actual board books or picture books with Zoe. Personally, I feel like between computers, TVs, and cell phones, she doesn't need any more "screen time" every day, and I like her being able to carry them around the house and look at them herself whenever she wants. And this way she NEVER gets to use the Kindle, so it stays far away from her and the potential harm she would inflict on it. :)

    So. My vote is Kindle if you're just wanting it to read (adult) books. Plus, it's cheap!!

  2. I really love my nook. granted it isn't color but i can get free books from the library so I don't always have to pay for more books. After the reading I have done with little ones they always want to touch and slober and goo all over the books and teaching a child to turn an actual page is a great idea. I also wouldn't want the i-pad due to the back lit thing. My father-in-law has an i-pad and it is really fun but not the best for reading. Good luck with your choice.

  3. We built built-in bookshelves to deal with all of the books-total of 5 book shelves...from floor to ceiling. :) The library is Lillie's favorite place to go. She loves story time. :) And I definitely agree-keep Mom's toys for Mom. :) Babies have plenty!