Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Broke Down...

Adam got a new job! Very good and very exciting for us. He is working as a CNA at a nursing home called Christian Care Center, and its SUPER close by. Right next to Logan's doctor's office! HE works full time- 6am-2pm, four days on, 2 days off, gets GREAT pay, and gets paid 2 bucks extra when he works weekends. AWESOME.

Its awesome especially since it means we can support ourselves. And its awesome because it means we can move out in the future. And its awesome because Adam likes it. And its awesome because it has to do with medical stuff, so it counts as clinical experience which looks GREAT to med schools, should we have to apply for the third year running. (We won't have news on that front until the end of May.)

What is also cool, is that it happened right around the same time as Logan's birth, Adam's dad's b-day, Adam's b-day, and easter. All causes for celebration and little gifts to be given.

Adam and I made the executive decision to forgo little gifts and get one big one.

We broke down.

We got an i-pad.

When I worked retail and someone was really indecisive about an item I used to tell them go home and give it a day. If they were still thinking about those pants tomorrow- then they knew it was a worthwhile buy. No matter how many people think it was/ is a dumb purchase, Adam and I KEPT GOING BACK to the ipad.

And while I agree- it is not for everyone. It so IS for us! We love it. I heart it more than any other electronic thing we have bought. (Which is a lot. Adam loves him some electronics.)

I have been able to take any device I use- my ipod, my planner, my calendar, my computer, my photo albums, the web, the TV, my books... and I have combined them all into ONE THING.

I plan on it. I calendar on it. I check email, surf the web, plan meals, track my weight loss, edit photos, TAKE photos, read, write, blog (it is EASIER to blog on the i-pad than on my computer- CRAZY!) I play games (like solitaire), watch shows and movies, listen to music... it has basically taken my life, consolidated it, and compressed it. Which is exactly what I needed.

And now I have loads of old school books to take to the used book store here and trade in for board books for Logan. Yay!

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  1. Yay!!!!! I'm so glad he got a better job! And I thought you would like the i-pad, I want one too, but for other reasons. When I get a job and have some money I might just have to make a trip out to see you once you move out. I'm so excited for you guys!