Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Warm-Up Number 2 and My Video Rules

Weight Loss update before we get to the goodies:
Weight loss seems to be coming along fairly well still. I am down 30 pounds from when I had Logan. Which means I have 30 to go until I am back to my best pre-pregnancy size. (And 40 if I want to make "goal" weight.) I feel pretty good about that. I'm still on 1,500 calories a day- and realizing HOW much I can eat on that :) Love it. I'm not going to drop down until it looks like I'm not loosing anymore/ hit a plateau.

I have started working out every other day... every day was too much for my recovering body. And I have been doing easier exercise. Or should I say, easier KIckboxing videos :) (Though this week I haven't worked out at all because I started bleeding a little heavier so the doctor said just take it easy.) But it feels good to slowly be getting back into the swing of exercise. I am sure before i know it I will be training for a 10K!

Its funny to realize that I am the same weight I was when Adam and I got married but... my body is just differently shaped now. (How did I NOT realize my butt had gotten this big while I was prego?) I am actually not upset by that really. Just getting used to it is all. But VERY glad I can fit into my own jeans- albeit larger ones- and I wore skinny jeans last week and didn't feel fat in them. In fact- I think I looked pretty darn good. Makes me happy.

The Goodies:
Warm-up number two! Love this one as well. See what I mean about slowly getting you into the groove, but with music and the right moves, REALLY getting you pumped up? This is how a work-out should start.

Plus- I just REALLY love this guy teacher :) Which is rare for me :)

And since I have been asked, here are my guidelines to how I pick the Zumba videos I use. Some of them are pretty funny reasons so bare with me :)

1. I have to be able to see the instructor. If I can't, I don't even bother watching the video. You can learn what to do by watching the other people in class, but to get to learn it the RIGHT way first off, you need to watch the instructor. Then you look to the other class members to see what they are doing to tone down, or fire up the work-out.

2. I give the video about... 1 to 1.5 minutes to impress me. Often i know after 30 seconds if I will like it. And this is more of a personal thing. But if after a minute I;m not thinking, heck yes I want to do this! I don't bother with it.

3. A dance HAS to have variation. If they are doing the same four moves over and over, no matter how fast they are- I turn it off.

4. I PREFER it when there is more than one person in a video. This isn't a half too- if there is just the instructor and it is an awesome dance I will stick with it. But I think when you can see a class- even a small one- it helps and makes it more fun. I think this way with ANY video. Not just Zumba.

5. Too much walking? No matter how cool? Turn it off.

6. I PREFER and really like it when there is something really fun/ funny to do. Aka shimming, butt pops etc. Feel sexy! Your dancing for heavens sakes!

7. the tone and the pace of the dance has to match the song. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people can't do this.

8. The pace has GOT to be a fast one. And this is just me but- if I am not moving, if I am not sweating- I don't like it. I delete a lot for being too slow.

I think that's all for now- I may post more if I think of some :)

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