Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Unofficial Start of the Official Start

I think Wednesday's will just be my day to post about exercise and dieting and healthy living and all the rage. Because last time I dieted it helped A LOT to be able to post about my thoughts and my progress her eon my blog, so I am going to do it like that again.

Having a C-Section really threw a damper on all of my weight loss plans. Without one, I could have been doing mild exercise 2 days after birth- or whenever I felt good. Call it selfish, but one of the main reasons I didn't want a c-section was because I wouldn't be able to loose weight as fast.

Don't worry- I look on the upside. If I hadn't had a c-section the chances of my little man surviving would have been VERY slim. I am so grateful for how quickly, and how well and cleanly the doctors acted. I am healthy and healing very well, and Logan was past birth weight at a week so we are VERY grateful for the operation.

Originally, I wanted to start my diet this week- weighing in on Monday April 4th. That way I would have had a week to recover and such. And I was planning on starting out slow, but I was definitely planning on jumping right into an exercise routine- no matter how small it may have been. However, now I am not allowed to do anything for 6 weeks. I can walk, but no resistance training which, because of where we live, means I can't stroller walk because I would have to push the stroller up a HUGE hill to get home. Also, I can't lift over ten pounds. Definitely throws a wrench into my plans.

BUT- I decided- there is no reason, even if I can't start exercising now, that I can't slowly start working my way into a healthy routine this week. Plus, one of things I loved most about Weight Watchers was how gradually it worked weight loss into your daily life so you never really had a problem doing it- and it stuck with you afterwards.

So I have written myself up a schedule. I am not going to officially weigh in or join weight watchers again until my 6 weeks are over because I know weight loss will be sporadic until then. (Getting rid of extra blood, breast feeding, loosing water weight etc. I'm loosing a pound a day right now which I know won't last so I am waiting for my weight to become more steady.)

But I have written myself a little plan to gradually work down the calorie amounts I am eating every day until I reach the one suggested for my current weight/ height/ activity level/ and what I want to get down too. (We are going for 130! And again, I am not going to announce how much I really need to loose to get there until 6 weeks are up and I am at a pretty steady spot.) I have also included gradually working up my exercise level. I can't walk with a stroller but I can strap Logan onto me with a carrier and get outside- especially now that its getting sunny- it will be so good to clear up that last bit of his jaundice.

The doctors say I NEED to walk- especially for me when I have had problems with blood clots in the past- waling will help get my blood going and moving. But, I don't want to over do it. So this week, I am trying for a ten minute walk every day (or most days really- I'm not subjecting my healing self of my newborn to rain or anything), and I will eventually add on five minutes each week until I am walking a half hour every day right around 6 weeks.

So- this is me saying this is the unofficial start of my "diet" :) I'm shooting for around 1,500 calories a day right now- and I am shooting for a ten minute walk every day. And that is how I will slowly work myself back into the groove of getting my body back. By doing something- but not too much.

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  1. go sarah! Just wanted to give props for beastfeeding, it helps you lose weight by burning calories! Plus, its free and you get baby bonding time! Be caareful when dieting, you want to make sure your lil man gets the nutrients he needs, as well as you! (he's still sucking the life outta you! har har har..bad joke, i know) I know there are special diets out there as well as post natal workouts, just be healthy! and you can do it! and I love you!