Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Unfortunate Lily Maid

Maybe its super lame to only post a link to other peoples blogs but in this case I think it is SO worth it.

I have talked about my friend Joni Newman before (her blog is my blog reel under the England Girls Section, and I have titled her "My Jones")- we went to England together and I love her :) And she is RIDICULOUSLY brilliant. Wonderfully smart and opinionated, but also thoughtful and open minded. Which I know those qualities don't SEEM like they mix well but they do with her.

(This picture is from the night before we left for England- we had to leave for the airport at like... 4 or 5 am, so we stayed up all night watching english movies, getting SUPER giddy about going over seas, and going to IHOP for breakfast. This is right before we left for the airport. Can you tell how EXCITED we are? :)

Anyways- she is a currently a teacher, and writes a wonderful blog about all of her thoughts and experiences. Every single blog of hers that I read touches me, and makes me think. I really feel SO uplifted and so inspired after reading what she writes. Even when I don't agree with everything she says.

I am posting a link to her blog because she is an amazing writer with amazing thoughts and deserves LOADS of followers and I want you to check her out.

ALSO- I am posting a link to this very specific post she wrote a little while ago about entertainment and how you decide whether something is "good" or "bad".

I know to people of the LDS faith especially this is a very important and controversial topic, and I have always had a little soap box about it. My soap box was really created when I moved to Utah from Oregon (right- quite the transition huh?) and I realized that the "banned box" list in Utah is- yeah I am going to say it- RIDICULOUS. Thats when I discovered that hey- I am almost 100 against state and school imposed censorship. (Parental is an entirely different matter. I may not agree with the fact that you might not let your kids read something but hey- your the parent. I will NEVER argue with you about it, or even disagree with it to your face.)

Adam and I also talk a lot about it because, yes, we have gotten some nasty comments before about the media entertainment we decide to let into our home. (Namely when we admit that The Garden State is in our top 5 of most favorite, brilliant, and inspiring movies.) We have really decided that as almost 25 year old adults, we know where our limits are, and are very careful not be be lured past them. And while we will be very careful about with our children, and watch for their weaknesses- I WILL let my child read Fight Club when he is a freshman in high school if he so desires.

Anyways, I wanted to post a link to JONI'S post about good and bad entertainment because I think she expressed what I feel and what I think in the PERFECT most eloquent way, and also in a way that could never offend anyone.

I hope you read Joni in the future and really enjoy her as much as I do.

Here is the link!:


  1. I've been kind of lurking on her blog already (I hope she doesn't mind!), because the points she brings up are really interesting. Almost every post I read I show to Silas, because...well, because her insights are brilliant. And they match up with our views a lot. It's hard to know where to draw the line when making guidelines as a parent, but sheltering your children from everything will, in my opinion, do them more harm than good as they grow older.

  2. Well, shucks! Sarah, you're such a doll. Thank you for your kind words and your stamp of approval. Thanks!