Friday, April 8, 2011

Serial Novel, Blog Re-Vamp, Two Weeks, Kids Books, and What Else We Have Been Doing

Yes I re-vamped our blog. It needed it. It was time. Its spring, we have a new baby, and I have just been wanting to organize everything, and re-do everything, and de-clutter everything lately. I think its just because in my new life, new role, new job I am trying to get my own handle on life and everything in it. And this is how I do that. So enjoy! (I do plan on having a new main picture but I haven't gotten a good one of the three of us yet so bear with me.)

The really only different thing about the blog now, besides the overall look, is that in the right column, where I post all my blog buddies and such, I posted a blog schedule. I know- laugh all you want. But there are so many things I want to blog about, and pictures I want to show, and I have been making lists and trying to organize it all on I-cal but it is STILL messy and all catterwonkie. So making a schedule, where I post certain things on certain days, just worked for me and my brain. So there we go.

In other news... Serial Novel! Coming Soon! As in next week! As in Monday April 18th! Yay! (Dont forget, I will post reminders here but the actual story will be on my creaive blog The Imagination Station.) I feel I have a handle on things now- though they will probably change as we go down the road. But its a start. I AM going to post every other week. For two reasons. One, as a mom I have the time to write maybe a page or two a day instead of the ten I used to be able to do. (I can't even get through one blog re-vamp without getting interrupted multiple times
haha!) Two, if I post the story every other week, then on the weeks I DONT, if I needed to make major changes or corrections, I can post those on the off weeks so you can see more of the process and you don't get confused.

Also, I am thinking a may post a children's story every now and again. When I was in college I took a writing for children's class and maybe had the most fun I have ever had in a creative writing class. But, I have never taken writing for children seriously because it is the hardest market to break into. No joke. But, as I have been nursing Logan in the middle of the night, for some reason I have come up with a few really fun ideas that even make Adam chuckle. I don't know if they will pan out when actually written, but if they ARE cute I want to post them on Monday off weeks.

And for the last bit of news... Logan hit 2 weeks this Thursday! I know I shouldn't think that he has gotten so big- but I really do. Only in the small ways a mother or dad can realize, but Adam and I were laughing the other night at how silly we were being, mooning over how old he looks. Yeah, I know, at two weeks. He is still tiny! At the doctors on Wednesday they say he has reached 7lbs 4oz, which is way over the expected return to birth weight so he is getting big.

But Logan sleeps good, eats good, only cries when he actually needs something. He loves Adam way more than me, and I am surprised I don't mind :) He loved to look at the light from our window, and really focuses on our faces now. He is actually alert during the day and I LOVE just staring at his eyes. My kid is SO cute :) Love him.

I am still doing smashingly well. This week has been a bit slower cuz I am off the pain meds- but its easy pain. Just a little sore that's all. We are OVERFLOWING with food thanks to all the wonderful service from people at church. (THANK YOU ALL!) Adam's sister has been visiting (future post on that coming) and we have had a lot of fun with her. Adam is also applying around for CNA jobs and we are excited about that.

So we are happy, pretty healthy, and really getting settled into new life which makes ME very happy and very comforted. Oh, and by the way? I had a huge cookie for breakfast. Yeah. There's a diet for you. At least this week I have eaten significantly less every day than I did when I was preggo. That's a start right?


  1. I love reading your blog. You are inspiring. I think a schedule is brilliant. :)

  2. Sarah he is so cute. I hope I get to see you guys soon. I love you