Monday, April 25, 2011

Serial Novel Corrections

As promised, every other week on my creative blog I will post the corrections to the weeks before Serial Novel Post. They are up there now so go take a look. (Or read for the first time!)

You will notice, or I will take notice for you :), that there really aren't many corrections so don't feel you need to re-read. Just a few word choice things and a few grammatical things. Although DO feel free to re-read if you like. Or to read and comment if this is your first time here :) Loved all the comments by the way- thank you! It always helps to get feedback- especially on things you like so then I know what to add more of :)

PS- I have noticed with my writing in the past that I have a tendency to put in too much exposition, especially in the beginning of my stories. (I think it helps me at the start to get everything laid out- but its not really necessary for the reader.) If you ever feel like this, or feel that there is a certain section that would be better off "seen and not told" make sure to mention it.

Be there next week for the second part!

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