Monday, April 11, 2011

Semi- Professional Hospital Pictires

The hospital that I gave birth at down here is really a pretty cool place. It's the first "all green" hospital in Tennessee. Yeah- let your mind run wild with what a "green" hospital is. I didn't even ask. All I know is that they have all bamboo floors which I LOVED. Very cool looking.Anyways, one of the cool things that the hospital does is take semi-professional pictures of your kid as you are leaving the hospital. And they give you a disk of all of them. I JUST got my pictures off of the disk a little bit ago (yeah- I am a LAZY new recovering mom) but I think they turned out WAY cute. Plus- it is fun for me to really remember HOW TINY Logan was. (Yes, he already seems SO much bigger to me.)The little outfit he is wearing (so funny that it is SO huge on him right? Its a newborn outfit too!) was what I used at my baby shower instead of a sign in book. Everyone signed Logans going home outfit! Cute and fun I think.

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  1. What an adorable baby! I'm so happy for you Sarah!