Sunday, April 17, 2011

R C and S

Believe it or not, I had a WHOLE blog post planned out for today. And it IS still something I want to write about and talk about, but based on a rather, blue, Eyeore type morning I had (can you TELL Logan and I are reading Pooh Bear together?:), I have decided to write about something completely different. Because I can do that. Because this is my blog.

Picture 1- I am on the right. The brunette. I think I am maybe... 9? Rebekah is the long blond and Carrie is the one in the middle. Being tortured :) I LOVE that we still do this today.

I miss my family. This has nothing to do with
Adam's family, who I do love, and who I am glad has been around, and who we have been having LOADS of fun with lately... but your family is just your family and no matter how much you like and love someone one- is doesn't take the place of the crazy people you grew-up with you know?

Picture 2- this was the last time we all took a picture together- christmas of 09. It goes, Rebekah, Carrie in the middle, than me. We just got done ice skating at the mall.

I am used to seeing my family 2 or 3 times a year. Next Sunday will mark the one year mark since I have seen any of them, which is really hard for me. Especially since I have Logan and
want them all to be able to love on him, plus my hormones are off the walls and it would be nice to have my family around. I just miss their faces and their hugs and their INSANE antics. My family is pretty weird and crazy but that is also why I love them.

Picture 3- This is Rebekah's Senior picture. She graduates this June. I love this because she looks just like my mom.

And it's funny as much as i love and miss my parents, and as much as I love and miss my brothers... today, right now, I miss my sisters. The R and the C to this blog title post. They are a lot younger than me- 6 and 8 years younger to be a fact, and I hated them for the first long while of their lives. Mostly because I was jealous that I WASN'T them. Because I think they are almost perfect. Which is ONE of the reasons why I miss them so much.

They are the most BEAUTIFUL people on earth (yeah, you can tell by the pictures. I may be cute, but when it comes to real looks in my family, those genes did NOT come to me.) They are
also both incredibly smart, super kind, VERY VERY funny (carrie especially) driven, spiritual, and just s strong and sure of themselves. I love that most of all. I love their confidence and their self esteem. I love watching what it does for others when they are around them.

Picture 4- Carrie is in the blue shirt and the black sweater. Third from the left. This is a picture from her facebook- and for some reason I just love her in it. I don't even know what the even was.

I am really sad I didn't get to grow-up more with them. I was out of the house when they were 12 and 10. I missed a lot of the most important years of their lives. Which easily accounts for
why they are closer to each other than to me but what I LOVE, is that when I am with them, when I talk to them, I don't feel that way. Despite that my life has been radically different from theirs for years, they welcome me with any of their friends, to any event. They love me with open arms and unconditionally. They buoy me when I most need it.

Picture 5- this is Rebekah's prom picture. Told you there was no one hotter. You can't tell either but she's like... 5 foot 11.

I think that's what me sad this morning. I miss their laughs. I miss Rebekah giving me the look that says, "Did you just do that?" or "Did you just say that?" (When I was in high school she used to give me the "are you really wearing that?" Look every day :) And I miss Carrie making me laugh until my sides split. I miss just LOOKING at Rebekah and I miss forcing Carrie to cuddle me when she doesn't want to. (She always does though. Proof to sister love.) I miss talking to Beckah about boys and missionaries. I miss talking to
Carrie about art, school, and our family. I miss hugging them, and commiserating with them, and eating junk with them, and running with them, and talking and cuddling and sleeping together and laughing and cooking and shopping and playing games....

Picture 6- this is Carrie's prom picture. SHe is second from the left in the navy blue dress. Told you I didn't get the family looks. How more darling and just plain elegant could she get?

I miss them. (If that point hasn't been beaten to death already ;) And I just wanted to say that today. In fact, talking about them, searching
through all of their pictures so you can see how amazing they are has made the day a little brighter. I hope Logan has sisters. And I hope they give him hell :)

Picture 7- One more of Rebekah. Also from prom. And not because I love her more, but just because I like her face in this one :) She's the one in black.

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  1. Sarah I am sorry. I know how you feel. I am not as far away from my family as you are but it is still hard especially now that I have nieces and nephews. Hope you feel better soon. Ps I can't believe how grown up your sisters are. They can't be old enough to graduate?! I feel so old. Miss you.