Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, I really don't have too many stats because we haven't been to the doctor and I have been to lazy to weigh Logan myself, but easter Sunday the little man turned exactly one month (SO WEIRD. People always tell me the time will fly but I never really even thought about how RIGHT they are), and I am guessing he is around 8 pounds? He is growing- even if he still looks tiny to everyone else I can tell.

And sometimes I think lists of accomplishments can be boring (I will probably get more into them as Logan gets older and starts hitting mile stones) so I am going to try to tell stories about him that really have to do with the picture I have. And I will post lots of pictures because- lets face it- that's what you want :) Sorry if they aren't of the best quality... they are phone pictures.

I think this may be the only tummy time picture I have of Logan where he is NOT screaming. He HATES tummy time. The doctor said if he hates it that bad to not even worry about it- he will develop just fine without it. I use it as a way to wake him up now. (I know- horrible mom of the year award coming to me haha!) I wish he DID like it more though. Because he is pretty adorable trying to climb up onto his knees.
Logan in his bouncer seat. Which he LOVES. He loves the swing we are borrowing from a friend even better. And I will admit- I am an AWFUL mom and I let him fall asleep in it if there is nothing else that will calm him.
This is just his cute chubby one month old face. He's gaining weight right? This is a little 0-3 month onesie- finally the newborn and preemie stuff it starting to get a little tight.
Yeah, this is Logan NOT focusing on my face, as he is in most pictures, because he is so enraptured by the light coming through the window behind me. Logan is so AWAKE and ALERT now! People say to keep little babies on a 3 hour schedule, but ours is closer to 4. He just likes to be awake. And I'm not going to complain as long as he's not crying!
Despite the fact that Logan is still tiny- we have upgraded to size one diapers. This picture is from my... fourth or fifth outfit change on him of the day? Because he was PEEING through everything. Size one works MUCH better and saves my laundry a little bit. (Love the cute aby froggy tummy though don't you?)
Bath time! Logan has decided that he DOES love baths. The problem before was that I was so concerned with making sure the water stayed lukewarm like its suppose to. Yeah... Logan must be like me. When the water is HOT- I get all sorts of half smiles (we have yet to see a real true one) and other happy looks. Don't worry- its not so hot as to scald him- but that's how he likes it!

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