Friday, April 15, 2011

Logan's Space

I have had a friend or two ask to see how we had set up "Logan's Room" so that's what all of these pictures are of. Adam and I are still living with his parents, so we have our room and our bathroom so Logan doesn't really have "his own room". Though lets be honest, even if we were living on our own in a two bedroom, Logan would still be bunking with us that way I don't have to walk down the hall a few times every night. Heck, I dislike just getting out of bed haha!

But, I think we did pretty good in giving Logan his very own corner, and I have to say so for myself- we did pretty DARN good organizing in a small space. (Adam loved it- the more and more stuff we get the more and more I want to get rid of other stuff and become more minimalist.)

So- here are all the cutey room pics! All of them are pre-baby when the room was actually very clean and organized :) We haven't made any real huge changes to design or set up since then so I figure old pics are okay.
I got a pack n' play for REAL cheap at Sears- which was awesome because it was one of those that came with mobile, changing station, bassinet, and diaper organizer all in one. The only thing I DIDN'T like was the fact that it was Pooh Bear. Not that I dislike Pooh or anything- I just wanted something more neutral- like a pattern. But Adam liked the Pooh and LOVED the price so there we go :) (This is the right front corner of our room PS.)

Don't worry- we took the pillows out when baby came. They now sit by the wall, but they are cute, and useful when I breastfeed in bed. The blanket I finished maybe two days before Logan came. I have close up pictures but you have to go to my creative blog- The Imagination Station- to see more pictures of it, or close ups :)
Diaper organizer and the little changing station- all stacked up and ready to go for baby! Notice all the extra diapers and wipes we have stashed underneath the pack n' play. I have been buying a pack of diapers and a pack of wipes every time I go to the grocery store for months now- that way we wouldn't be hit with one big expense right up front, and that way I would never have to make the midnight run to Wal Mart.

That little changing basket PS- is CHARM. Fully water proof so easy as peas to clean when Logan decides that he is not done going when I start to change him. It has high sides so I don't mind leaving him there to go grab something, AND its at a perfect height. LOVE it.
This is the right of the pack n' play. Its basically all bedding stuff because I don't know when or how to stop :) The green bag is full of sheets- the pink basket is full of blankets, and then my nursing stuff is right next to it- within reach of my nice brown nursing chair for when I need them :)
I call this "Logan's Corner". That's my nursing chair, and about six inches behind it is our bed. And you can see Adam's desk just barely poking into the picture on the left. Its a perfect little corner though- and I can say that after baby is born. Love it. (And LOVE the chair. Perfect for a recovering c-section to nurse in. Comfy, and not TOO hard to get in and out of. Also LOVE LOVE the boppy.)
I had to take an extra picture of the wall hanging. My best friend Becky made it for me for our baby shower. Isn't it darling? She said she tried to find the most "heroish" lettering she could :) I LOVE it, and the colors match PERFECT with Logan's Wolverine bedding.
This is directly to the right of our door when you walk in our room. It's Logan's toy corner. ;) The hat boxes of course are full of Adams and mines stuff but the laundry basket it all toys for Logan and then his bouncer seat. And along the top of the white dresser in the left of the picture are all kids books. I have a few baby ones, but the rest are mostly young kid books- like Mr. Poppers Penguins, and Captain Underpants.

There is a store here called Mr. Kays that sells and buys used books, and I have a whole bag of books to trade in for little baby books but I didn't get the chance to go before Logan was born, and I don't want to make Adam take me. (I can't drive myself around for two weeks becasue of the c-section.) So, my sister-in-law came into town on the 2nd, and I was saving the trip for something her and I could do together, which is why I didn't take a picture of the dresser top before Logan was born.
This is the inside of our closet. We have a NICE walkin, and this whole shelf used to be full of my stuff that I have condesned and organized to fit Logans. The hat box is all shoes and socks, the bags hanging from it are one for bibs, one for hats, and I think one for gloves... then the would be diaper bag (big blus bag) is all Logan's clothes. Okay, some. The ones in the pockets are ones that SHOULD have fit him when we came home (since the hospital was predicting he would be 8 pounds) and then the big pocket is all stuff that should fit soon. Then we have a box of feeding treats (bottles and things) and then my stuff starts again. All I have to say is YAY for big closets!
Luckily- we have a large bathroom and babies really don't take up any bathroom space. We have Logans towels hanging on the back of the bathroom door. And our large counter which used to be split between Adam and I (half Adam half me) is now half baby half parents. This is Logan's little tub and green bucket of health/ first aid stuff.And then right between tub and toilet we have a whole basket full of baby wash things. Really- this entire basket is baby soap, lotion, shampoo and wash cloths. We have LOADS. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts :) (and pictures of Logan's first bath coming soon!)
These next few pictures are actually of the craft/ storage room. My mother-in-law uses it to do flowers, and it is the space I have been using to sew. It is also where decorations, boxes, and the like get stored. But, after Christmas this year there was a lot of cleaning and organizing done, the tread mill got moved downstairs, and I actually organized and found spots for all of my stuff leaving quite a bit of room. We are going to set up the crib in here, that way we have a place to put Logan when we need to be loud in our room, and we also have a separate spot for him when he starts sleeping through the night.
See? My little sewing set up. Computer included so I can watch and listen to shows while I work :)
This is the view from the hallway door. Gives you a sense of where the crib will be once we get it all set up and get the mattress bought.And of course, what would a post be without a picture of my little man? :) Sorry it came out a little weird... blogger decided it was done uploading pictures. But I LOVE this one of him on his little Wolverine sheet and in the sweater my sister bought him. With the hood on it, it makes him look like such a little man! Love it.

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