Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Make Your Own Zumba Video

Right. So this has been a long time coming but... I have been a long time learning how to do it :) Adam helped me a little but really- in all honesty- his best advice was, "Google it" :) LOVE GOOGLE.

To make your own YouTube Zumba video.

First step is going to be like any other. Go to YouTube. FInd your favorite video's. Bookmark them so you have all the URL's saved somewhere. HAVING THE URL IS IMPORTANT. YOU NEED THE FULL TRUE THING.

Hint: If you want an hour long video- you will need about 15 to 16 short dance videos. I used 15, and this INCLUDES warm-up and cool down. You can search specifically for warm-ups and cool downs.
Hint: I will keep posting the videos I used over the weeks, so you can use them if you like, but your tastes will probably vastly differ from mine so make sure you do look for your own as well.

Second step is to go to this website: When I googled downloading videos from YouTube this came up- and it works PERFECT. The directions to use it are on the site and it makes downloading your video a SINCH- but in case you get confused... notice the blue box at the top that says URL? All you have to do, is paste the URL from your Youtube Video page, then hit the download box next to it.

HINT: You DO NOT havd to use the box that says AVS video converter. I am pretty sure it is an add- DONT USE IT. (Unless you want too... I avoided it.) All you need is the little skinny blue box at the top.
Hint: sometimes it will say that it can't download the video... try a second or the third time. Sometimes a download can be interrupted by poor internet connection or even how many viewers are on the page. Mine all downloaded when I tried them a second time.

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Step three... sort of... Now... every computer handles downloads a little differently so I can only tell you from a mac perspective. On my computer there is a box at the bottom of my screen that says "download."

I click open, and BAM, my video opens in Quicktime. All I have to do is save the video to my desktop and it is mine. I saved mine all in one folder and under names like- Video one, Video two, in the order that I want them on my DVD. For me it just made it easier to have them in order like that in one folder. But I get confused with things like that easily.

Step Four. Put your blank DVD (available for CHEAP at Best Buy) into you cd-rom drive and um... burn your cd. Each burning program is different so you will have to work out what is right on your but... after all that you should have a workable Zumba DVD! All for your own.

Just be smart, and integritious, and don't copy it or sell it. Be respectful of the copyrights. If its for you thats awesome. And enjoy!

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  1. Sarah, you rock!!! Thank you so much for posting this! :) I love your blog.