Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Answer Me This....

So I have two blogs. One for most of my at home little things, and then one that is suppose to be for all my creative, crafty, writing stuff. Originally I thought it was a brilliant idea to separate the two. Everyone does it right? Plus, crafty blogs are becoming their own thing in the blogging universe.

But here's the thing. Where I like to share my craft stuff, I am by no means a master at anyu point. In fact, usually my posts are about someone else's awesome genius that I found, so I like the tutorial, and then show what I made out of it. Not a bad thing at all, but it DOESN'T really need its own blog you know?

What I am wondering is, should I keep the two blogs separate, or, in the sudden need to combine and minimalize EVERYTHING in my silly life, should I combine them? I coudl EASILY keep crafty posts within my current schedule (post them on Thursdays right?) and then I wouldn;t have to think about going from one blog to another. And then I don't have to worry about the second crafty blog getting traffic.

But in your opinion, and for your ease, is it better to keep them seperated, or would you rather just see all of me and all my craziness in one little spot? (Aka here.)

PS- On my craft blog, I have this post coming tomorrow about the photo shop stuff I have been doing... and there are some CUTE pictures of Logan on there. If you care to see :) Link: The Imagination Station

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