Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, I really don't have too many stats because we haven't been to the doctor and I have been to lazy to weigh Logan myself, but easter Sunday the little man turned exactly one month (SO WEIRD. People always tell me the time will fly but I never really even thought about how RIGHT they are), and I am guessing he is around 8 pounds? He is growing- even if he still looks tiny to everyone else I can tell.

And sometimes I think lists of accomplishments can be boring (I will probably get more into them as Logan gets older and starts hitting mile stones) so I am going to try to tell stories about him that really have to do with the picture I have. And I will post lots of pictures because- lets face it- that's what you want :) Sorry if they aren't of the best quality... they are phone pictures.

I think this may be the only tummy time picture I have of Logan where he is NOT screaming. He HATES tummy time. The doctor said if he hates it that bad to not even worry about it- he will develop just fine without it. I use it as a way to wake him up now. (I know- horrible mom of the year award coming to me haha!) I wish he DID like it more though. Because he is pretty adorable trying to climb up onto his knees.
Logan in his bouncer seat. Which he LOVES. He loves the swing we are borrowing from a friend even better. And I will admit- I am an AWFUL mom and I let him fall asleep in it if there is nothing else that will calm him.
This is just his cute chubby one month old face. He's gaining weight right? This is a little 0-3 month onesie- finally the newborn and preemie stuff it starting to get a little tight.
Yeah, this is Logan NOT focusing on my face, as he is in most pictures, because he is so enraptured by the light coming through the window behind me. Logan is so AWAKE and ALERT now! People say to keep little babies on a 3 hour schedule, but ours is closer to 4. He just likes to be awake. And I'm not going to complain as long as he's not crying!
Despite the fact that Logan is still tiny- we have upgraded to size one diapers. This picture is from my... fourth or fifth outfit change on him of the day? Because he was PEEING through everything. Size one works MUCH better and saves my laundry a little bit. (Love the cute aby froggy tummy though don't you?)
Bath time! Logan has decided that he DOES love baths. The problem before was that I was so concerned with making sure the water stayed lukewarm like its suppose to. Yeah... Logan must be like me. When the water is HOT- I get all sorts of half smiles (we have yet to see a real true one) and other happy looks. Don't worry- its not so hot as to scald him- but that's how he likes it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hush Little Baby...

Something I have discovered quickly about parenting... is that it is 50% listening and taking as much advice as you can get, and 50% ignoring all the rules and just doing what you want.

I think the hardest thing for a parent (at least during the first year. I have a feeling potty training is harder) is getting your kid to SLEEP. I have read so much, and gotten so much advice on what TO DO and what NOT TO DO... I decided Im going to share what I've heard.

Note: This is NOT me saying that I am the Baby Whisperer. Every family is different- every kid is different. This is just what has worked for Logan and I.

I have a lot of moms that read this blog, and there are a lot of mom's whose blogs I read, and I have gotten some great ideas and some of my best advice from their stories. And I was thinking, how much I would have LOVED (or would still love) to hear all their baby sleep strategies. Which is why I am sharing mine.

1. (And i think this was from a friends blog...) SWADDLING. I know not all babies like it but Logan LOVES it. He won't sleep without it. In fact, now that it is getting warm in TN, I have to strip him down to a diaper just so I can continue to swaddle him without him waking up in sweat. (Plus he looks so darn CUTE when he is...)

2. This is from our lactation specialist. MINIMIZE STIMULATION.
She said the easiest way for a baby to know its time to sleep... is to make it dark. Like night. And she reminded me what it is like when I get too much stimulation, and how either cranky or weird and giddy you can get, and how it makes it HARDER to fall asleep.
When Logan needs to sleep- nap or night time, we turn out the lights, we close the blinds, we turn off TV and music or plug in headphones... we don't really tiptoe around him. We still talk. But I don't vacuum right outside my door either. For us it works WELL. Light wakes him up, the lack there of puts him to sleep... and he sleeps BETTER.

3. Love the Lovely book Baby Wise... EAT, PLAY, THEN SLEEP.
We used to on a schedule where we would eat one side, play, eat the other. Because feeding puts Logan to sleep. But then we got in a schedule of, eat, sleep an hour, eat a second side, sleep an hour etc. NOT working for me.
Initially, when we eat, then play, then sleep it is harder to get Logan to GO to sleep, but once he does... he sleeps SO much longer! We're talking 2 and a half hours. Awesome.

NOTE: I break this rule a little. I let Logan- what I call- "top off". He eats a full meal, we play for a half hour, and then usually right before he goes to bed, he likes the comfort of suckling a little. And I really mean a little. Like a minute. It just brings him comfort I think. And since it doesn't effect my milk or his eating schedule, and it makes him go down easier... I don't care it others view it as a "bad snacking habit." We do it- it works. Plus, when my kid makes his little hungry puckering face... I'm not going to say no.

4. Goes with the last one and is also from the book Baby Wise... LET THEM CRY. The hardest rule I think for any parents, and the one that has to be used with the best of your judgement. I call this a- play by the feel or by the spirit rule.
But, when I put Logan down for a nap he is awake. And he will stay comfortable that way for ten minutes or so. Then as he starts to fall asleep he will WAIL for a good ten, fifteen minutes. And I mean ANGRY wail. But- If I wait it out? Then he will sleep for another two hours. Worth it. (I have noticed that it is easier to endure wailing if I am doing something I can't stop at that moment. Like showering. Or working out.)
Supposedly you are suppose to do this at night too, but with mine and Adams situation, and with Adam needing to sleep... we don't. I will hold and rock Logan to sleep. Which supposedly you shouldn't do but hey- like I said. 50% of parenting is not caring what other people say or think. Do what works for you.
And you know what? If its their first nap of the day, and your kid is just darling and you want to cuddle them till they fall asleep... DO IT. How much time do you have to do that anyways? Enjoy it while you can I say. (That advice came from Adams co-workers and my nurses :)

5. This comes from a friends blog... NIGHT TIME ROUTINE.
I think most people have these. Tale a bath, brush teeth, read a book, sing songs etc. Logan and I really didn't, but the more I have been getting him into a schedule the more I have been doing one, and it works well actually. Just SOMETHING to signal to your kid- sleepy time!
Logan gets swaddled, then I rock him and sing him a song. I used to sing that Tarzan song, "you'll be in my heart" when my friend mentioned that she sings her kids church songs.
DUH. How did I miss that? By singing church songs, it brings the spirit to your home, and to the moment, and i have noticed that for us- it VISIBLY calms Logan. And when it doesn't, having the spirit calms me to handle the situation in the right way. Can't go wrong with having the spirit right?
(This is not to say classic lullabies aren't good enough. I still love them. I just make sure I start our rocking session with For The Beauty of the Earth.)

And that's all I've got. Its not full proof- it doesn't work all the time. But it helps for most of the time. And I can guarantee at least one nap a day with it. And some ZZZ's at night.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Warm-Up Number 2 and My Video Rules

Weight Loss update before we get to the goodies:
Weight loss seems to be coming along fairly well still. I am down 30 pounds from when I had Logan. Which means I have 30 to go until I am back to my best pre-pregnancy size. (And 40 if I want to make "goal" weight.) I feel pretty good about that. I'm still on 1,500 calories a day- and realizing HOW much I can eat on that :) Love it. I'm not going to drop down until it looks like I'm not loosing anymore/ hit a plateau.

I have started working out every other day... every day was too much for my recovering body. And I have been doing easier exercise. Or should I say, easier KIckboxing videos :) (Though this week I haven't worked out at all because I started bleeding a little heavier so the doctor said just take it easy.) But it feels good to slowly be getting back into the swing of exercise. I am sure before i know it I will be training for a 10K!

Its funny to realize that I am the same weight I was when Adam and I got married but... my body is just differently shaped now. (How did I NOT realize my butt had gotten this big while I was prego?) I am actually not upset by that really. Just getting used to it is all. But VERY glad I can fit into my own jeans- albeit larger ones- and I wore skinny jeans last week and didn't feel fat in them. In fact- I think I looked pretty darn good. Makes me happy.

The Goodies:
Warm-up number two! Love this one as well. See what I mean about slowly getting you into the groove, but with music and the right moves, REALLY getting you pumped up? This is how a work-out should start.

Plus- I just REALLY love this guy teacher :) Which is rare for me :)

And since I have been asked, here are my guidelines to how I pick the Zumba videos I use. Some of them are pretty funny reasons so bare with me :)

1. I have to be able to see the instructor. If I can't, I don't even bother watching the video. You can learn what to do by watching the other people in class, but to get to learn it the RIGHT way first off, you need to watch the instructor. Then you look to the other class members to see what they are doing to tone down, or fire up the work-out.

2. I give the video about... 1 to 1.5 minutes to impress me. Often i know after 30 seconds if I will like it. And this is more of a personal thing. But if after a minute I;m not thinking, heck yes I want to do this! I don't bother with it.

3. A dance HAS to have variation. If they are doing the same four moves over and over, no matter how fast they are- I turn it off.

4. I PREFER it when there is more than one person in a video. This isn't a half too- if there is just the instructor and it is an awesome dance I will stick with it. But I think when you can see a class- even a small one- it helps and makes it more fun. I think this way with ANY video. Not just Zumba.

5. Too much walking? No matter how cool? Turn it off.

6. I PREFER and really like it when there is something really fun/ funny to do. Aka shimming, butt pops etc. Feel sexy! Your dancing for heavens sakes!

7. the tone and the pace of the dance has to match the song. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people can't do this.

8. The pace has GOT to be a fast one. And this is just me but- if I am not moving, if I am not sweating- I don't like it. I delete a lot for being too slow.

I think that's all for now- I may post more if I think of some :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Answer Me This....

So I have two blogs. One for most of my at home little things, and then one that is suppose to be for all my creative, crafty, writing stuff. Originally I thought it was a brilliant idea to separate the two. Everyone does it right? Plus, crafty blogs are becoming their own thing in the blogging universe.

But here's the thing. Where I like to share my craft stuff, I am by no means a master at anyu point. In fact, usually my posts are about someone else's awesome genius that I found, so I like the tutorial, and then show what I made out of it. Not a bad thing at all, but it DOESN'T really need its own blog you know?

What I am wondering is, should I keep the two blogs separate, or, in the sudden need to combine and minimalize EVERYTHING in my silly life, should I combine them? I coudl EASILY keep crafty posts within my current schedule (post them on Thursdays right?) and then I wouldn;t have to think about going from one blog to another. And then I don't have to worry about the second crafty blog getting traffic.

But in your opinion, and for your ease, is it better to keep them seperated, or would you rather just see all of me and all my craziness in one little spot? (Aka here.)

PS- On my craft blog, I have this post coming tomorrow about the photo shop stuff I have been doing... and there are some CUTE pictures of Logan on there. If you care to see :) Link: The Imagination Station

Monday, April 25, 2011

Serial Novel Corrections

As promised, every other week on my creative blog I will post the corrections to the weeks before Serial Novel Post. They are up there now so go take a look. (Or read for the first time!)

You will notice, or I will take notice for you :), that there really aren't many corrections so don't feel you need to re-read. Just a few word choice things and a few grammatical things. Although DO feel free to re-read if you like. Or to read and comment if this is your first time here :) Loved all the comments by the way- thank you! It always helps to get feedback- especially on things you like so then I know what to add more of :)

PS- I have noticed with my writing in the past that I have a tendency to put in too much exposition, especially in the beginning of my stories. (I think it helps me at the start to get everything laid out- but its not really necessary for the reader.) If you ever feel like this, or feel that there is a certain section that would be better off "seen and not told" make sure to mention it.

Be there next week for the second part!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mothering With Testimony

Again, not AT ALL posting what I was planning on posting :)

I am LDS/ Latter Day Saint/ Mormon. This we all know. What I have been thinking a lot about lately, and have spent a lot of time being grateful for, are the things my religion teaches me. The basic things that probably most Christian religions teach its followers.

What I have been thinking about is... how in the world do people parent, without faith in some sort of deity? Something higher than themselves. Without prayer? Without something bigger to give them strength when they loose it all?

I love my son. SO much. But there are days, and nights, where he wants to eat every hour, and never sleep in between. Days when I am tempted to put dymatap into a bottle and feed it to him to give me JUST AN HOUR without his tears. Logan and I have AMAZING days and AMAZING moments together. But there are some really hard ones too. (Mostly connected to him crying and not sleeping haha! Or him wanting to eat too much and me being too sore to let him.)

My experience this week. Fed Logan a full meal. Set him down for a nap. He was asleep and darling. For maybe... 20 minutes. tears, screaming... bouts of feeding and trying to get him to nap from 6 am to noon. It basically turned into- feed a little (not much because he was SO tired he couldn't keep himself awake enough to eat well) then try to put to sleep. But wake up 15 to 20 minutes later because he is hungry. (Because he didn't eat much, because he was tired. Such a vicious cycle.) So try to eat, scream for an hour, then repeat.

I seriously was just strung out. I was overwhelmed thinking I had no idea what to do- how to give him what he wanted and get him to do what he needed to to make himself feel better (I have a feeling I am going to feel like this A LOT when I have teens) so I set Logan in his bassinet. Yeah- still screaming. I put my head in my hands and said:

Heavenly Father, what do I do? How do I help? Please give me the patience and understanding I need. And help me know what to do.

DUmbest prayer ever. But very sincere I can assure you. And full of faith.

Maybe 30 seconds later I stood to pick LOgan up- and was just OVERWHELMED with the most ridiculous mother-love. (It is ridiculous- any love that makes you cry because something is cute is ridiculous. Doesn't mean its not awesome though.) I did start to cry- I just felt so bad for him, and I just loved him so dang much, and his little eyes were so red from crying and not sleeping...

I went to the last resort. He needed a great meal to fill him to put him too sleep. Since he had been snacking so much I didn't have it in me. So, with little feelings of guilt, I filled a bottle of formula. (Yup- and I don't care. Formula is just as good.) He drank it down- then napped for two hours. He napped so good and was so sweet and I was still so full of this love the Lord had given me I almost wanted to scoop Logan up and just cradle him. (I didn't for fear of waking him in the process. We cuddled lots when he DID wake though, and had a super rest of the day.)

Sometimes i hear the Lords voice in my mothers voice, all in my head. It was saying, "Stop being stupid, and don't feel guilty for giving your kid a bottle if you both need it."

If you don't have prayer in your life, if you don't have faith- how in the world, unless you were born saintly, do you deal with those moments? How do you just- know what to do? How do you find unearthly love, and the unearthly patience? And not just in the role of the parent- in any part of your life? I just marvel at the idea of parenting without the religion I have in my life, because that is the situation I am in right now. I also don't know how people get through college or marriage without the same blessings faith brings to them.

I am so grateful that I KNOW there is a God. How could I NOT know it, when I see Him, and feel Him, blessing me and my little family every single day? I know I am not a smart enough, strong enough, kind enough, or patient enough person to get through the challenges I have in life if it weren't for His help. In fact, some times I am pretty sure I am given challenges just so I have to rely on Him so I always remember, and am always so sure that He is there.

And I am glad he is. And I am pretty sure Logan is too otherwise he would STILL be hungry :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Logans First Bath

We actually gave Logan his first bath when he wasn't even a week old (I thought it took forever for cords to fall off but apparently not...) But I haven't gotten the pictures up here until now.

Ps- I blogged this whole thing from my I-pad. How cool is that?!

Sorry for not editing. I didn't want to take the time. And I figure he's a tiny baby. Its okay right?

He wasn't quite sure what to make of the bath. Still isn't for that matter...

He does love this part of bath. At the end I always remove the baby skin so he can he totally submerged. I think he likes feeling so warm... Kind of womb like. Or I can pretend that he is like me and LOVES being under water :)

This is my favorite picture of him of all time. Can you get any cuter? I mean really.

I made he towel ps. Nice huh?

Usually he screams once he is out of the water. Lucky I caught him like this.

All done! Happy and warm and smelling nice and all swaddled. Perfectly ready to be cuddled.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Make Your Own Zumba Video

Right. So this has been a long time coming but... I have been a long time learning how to do it :) Adam helped me a little but really- in all honesty- his best advice was, "Google it" :) LOVE GOOGLE.

To make your own YouTube Zumba video.

First step is going to be like any other. Go to YouTube. FInd your favorite video's. Bookmark them so you have all the URL's saved somewhere. HAVING THE URL IS IMPORTANT. YOU NEED THE FULL TRUE THING.

Hint: If you want an hour long video- you will need about 15 to 16 short dance videos. I used 15, and this INCLUDES warm-up and cool down. You can search specifically for warm-ups and cool downs.
Hint: I will keep posting the videos I used over the weeks, so you can use them if you like, but your tastes will probably vastly differ from mine so make sure you do look for your own as well.

Second step is to go to this website: When I googled downloading videos from YouTube this came up- and it works PERFECT. The directions to use it are on the site and it makes downloading your video a SINCH- but in case you get confused... notice the blue box at the top that says URL? All you have to do, is paste the URL from your Youtube Video page, then hit the download box next to it.

HINT: You DO NOT havd to use the box that says AVS video converter. I am pretty sure it is an add- DONT USE IT. (Unless you want too... I avoided it.) All you need is the little skinny blue box at the top.
Hint: sometimes it will say that it can't download the video... try a second or the third time. Sometimes a download can be interrupted by poor internet connection or even how many viewers are on the page. Mine all downloaded when I tried them a second time.

Site Meter

Step three... sort of... Now... every computer handles downloads a little differently so I can only tell you from a mac perspective. On my computer there is a box at the bottom of my screen that says "download."

I click open, and BAM, my video opens in Quicktime. All I have to do is save the video to my desktop and it is mine. I saved mine all in one folder and under names like- Video one, Video two, in the order that I want them on my DVD. For me it just made it easier to have them in order like that in one folder. But I get confused with things like that easily.

Step Four. Put your blank DVD (available for CHEAP at Best Buy) into you cd-rom drive and um... burn your cd. Each burning program is different so you will have to work out what is right on your but... after all that you should have a workable Zumba DVD! All for your own.

Just be smart, and integritious, and don't copy it or sell it. Be respectful of the copyrights. If its for you thats awesome. And enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warming Up to Katy Perry

I think Tuesday has become my Zumba Video day :) Maybe I will turn it into my work-out post day- hopefully with video's.

I have a HARD time with warm-ups. Usually becasue they are SUPPOSE to be slower, but they really need to get you pumped in a mjor way, while moving slowly. Which is really hard to do. A warm-up in my mind sets the entire tone for a work-out. Any work-out.

So here is a GREAT warm-up that I found and love. Again, from the GRDanceFitness studio. Love them. And love the music! I will not pretend- I have discovered that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga make some of the BEST work out music. In my opinion.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Broke Down...

Adam got a new job! Very good and very exciting for us. He is working as a CNA at a nursing home called Christian Care Center, and its SUPER close by. Right next to Logan's doctor's office! HE works full time- 6am-2pm, four days on, 2 days off, gets GREAT pay, and gets paid 2 bucks extra when he works weekends. AWESOME.

Its awesome especially since it means we can support ourselves. And its awesome because it means we can move out in the future. And its awesome because Adam likes it. And its awesome because it has to do with medical stuff, so it counts as clinical experience which looks GREAT to med schools, should we have to apply for the third year running. (We won't have news on that front until the end of May.)

What is also cool, is that it happened right around the same time as Logan's birth, Adam's dad's b-day, Adam's b-day, and easter. All causes for celebration and little gifts to be given.

Adam and I made the executive decision to forgo little gifts and get one big one.

We broke down.

We got an i-pad.

When I worked retail and someone was really indecisive about an item I used to tell them go home and give it a day. If they were still thinking about those pants tomorrow- then they knew it was a worthwhile buy. No matter how many people think it was/ is a dumb purchase, Adam and I KEPT GOING BACK to the ipad.

And while I agree- it is not for everyone. It so IS for us! We love it. I heart it more than any other electronic thing we have bought. (Which is a lot. Adam loves him some electronics.)

I have been able to take any device I use- my ipod, my planner, my calendar, my computer, my photo albums, the web, the TV, my books... and I have combined them all into ONE THING.

I plan on it. I calendar on it. I check email, surf the web, plan meals, track my weight loss, edit photos, TAKE photos, read, write, blog (it is EASIER to blog on the i-pad than on my computer- CRAZY!) I play games (like solitaire), watch shows and movies, listen to music... it has basically taken my life, consolidated it, and compressed it. Which is exactly what I needed.

And now I have loads of old school books to take to the used book store here and trade in for board books for Logan. Yay!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Serial Novel

Yes! Today is the day! Today we start the serial novel! It is already! It has been posted- almost three pages worth of story beginning goodness.

Head over to my creative blog The Imagination Station to read it.

I will post there every other Monday from now, and I will write reminders here for a good while. Just so you know to read :)

The next story posting will be My 2nd.

Enjoy Today!

PS- Happy 25th Birthday to my HOTTIE of a Husband! (Post about that later.) I love you Adam! Thanks for being the BEST man in the world.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

R C and S

Believe it or not, I had a WHOLE blog post planned out for today. And it IS still something I want to write about and talk about, but based on a rather, blue, Eyeore type morning I had (can you TELL Logan and I are reading Pooh Bear together?:), I have decided to write about something completely different. Because I can do that. Because this is my blog.

Picture 1- I am on the right. The brunette. I think I am maybe... 9? Rebekah is the long blond and Carrie is the one in the middle. Being tortured :) I LOVE that we still do this today.

I miss my family. This has nothing to do with
Adam's family, who I do love, and who I am glad has been around, and who we have been having LOADS of fun with lately... but your family is just your family and no matter how much you like and love someone one- is doesn't take the place of the crazy people you grew-up with you know?

Picture 2- this was the last time we all took a picture together- christmas of 09. It goes, Rebekah, Carrie in the middle, than me. We just got done ice skating at the mall.

I am used to seeing my family 2 or 3 times a year. Next Sunday will mark the one year mark since I have seen any of them, which is really hard for me. Especially since I have Logan and
want them all to be able to love on him, plus my hormones are off the walls and it would be nice to have my family around. I just miss their faces and their hugs and their INSANE antics. My family is pretty weird and crazy but that is also why I love them.

Picture 3- This is Rebekah's Senior picture. She graduates this June. I love this because she looks just like my mom.

And it's funny as much as i love and miss my parents, and as much as I love and miss my brothers... today, right now, I miss my sisters. The R and the C to this blog title post. They are a lot younger than me- 6 and 8 years younger to be a fact, and I hated them for the first long while of their lives. Mostly because I was jealous that I WASN'T them. Because I think they are almost perfect. Which is ONE of the reasons why I miss them so much.

They are the most BEAUTIFUL people on earth (yeah, you can tell by the pictures. I may be cute, but when it comes to real looks in my family, those genes did NOT come to me.) They are
also both incredibly smart, super kind, VERY VERY funny (carrie especially) driven, spiritual, and just s strong and sure of themselves. I love that most of all. I love their confidence and their self esteem. I love watching what it does for others when they are around them.

Picture 4- Carrie is in the blue shirt and the black sweater. Third from the left. This is a picture from her facebook- and for some reason I just love her in it. I don't even know what the even was.

I am really sad I didn't get to grow-up more with them. I was out of the house when they were 12 and 10. I missed a lot of the most important years of their lives. Which easily accounts for
why they are closer to each other than to me but what I LOVE, is that when I am with them, when I talk to them, I don't feel that way. Despite that my life has been radically different from theirs for years, they welcome me with any of their friends, to any event. They love me with open arms and unconditionally. They buoy me when I most need it.

Picture 5- this is Rebekah's prom picture. Told you there was no one hotter. You can't tell either but she's like... 5 foot 11.

I think that's what me sad this morning. I miss their laughs. I miss Rebekah giving me the look that says, "Did you just do that?" or "Did you just say that?" (When I was in high school she used to give me the "are you really wearing that?" Look every day :) And I miss Carrie making me laugh until my sides split. I miss just LOOKING at Rebekah and I miss forcing Carrie to cuddle me when she doesn't want to. (She always does though. Proof to sister love.) I miss talking to Beckah about boys and missionaries. I miss talking to
Carrie about art, school, and our family. I miss hugging them, and commiserating with them, and eating junk with them, and running with them, and talking and cuddling and sleeping together and laughing and cooking and shopping and playing games....

Picture 6- this is Carrie's prom picture. SHe is second from the left in the navy blue dress. Told you I didn't get the family looks. How more darling and just plain elegant could she get?

I miss them. (If that point hasn't been beaten to death already ;) And I just wanted to say that today. In fact, talking about them, searching
through all of their pictures so you can see how amazing they are has made the day a little brighter. I hope Logan has sisters. And I hope they give him hell :)

Picture 7- One more of Rebekah. Also from prom. And not because I love her more, but just because I like her face in this one :) She's the one in black.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Logan's Space

I have had a friend or two ask to see how we had set up "Logan's Room" so that's what all of these pictures are of. Adam and I are still living with his parents, so we have our room and our bathroom so Logan doesn't really have "his own room". Though lets be honest, even if we were living on our own in a two bedroom, Logan would still be bunking with us that way I don't have to walk down the hall a few times every night. Heck, I dislike just getting out of bed haha!

But, I think we did pretty good in giving Logan his very own corner, and I have to say so for myself- we did pretty DARN good organizing in a small space. (Adam loved it- the more and more stuff we get the more and more I want to get rid of other stuff and become more minimalist.)

So- here are all the cutey room pics! All of them are pre-baby when the room was actually very clean and organized :) We haven't made any real huge changes to design or set up since then so I figure old pics are okay.
I got a pack n' play for REAL cheap at Sears- which was awesome because it was one of those that came with mobile, changing station, bassinet, and diaper organizer all in one. The only thing I DIDN'T like was the fact that it was Pooh Bear. Not that I dislike Pooh or anything- I just wanted something more neutral- like a pattern. But Adam liked the Pooh and LOVED the price so there we go :) (This is the right front corner of our room PS.)

Don't worry- we took the pillows out when baby came. They now sit by the wall, but they are cute, and useful when I breastfeed in bed. The blanket I finished maybe two days before Logan came. I have close up pictures but you have to go to my creative blog- The Imagination Station- to see more pictures of it, or close ups :)
Diaper organizer and the little changing station- all stacked up and ready to go for baby! Notice all the extra diapers and wipes we have stashed underneath the pack n' play. I have been buying a pack of diapers and a pack of wipes every time I go to the grocery store for months now- that way we wouldn't be hit with one big expense right up front, and that way I would never have to make the midnight run to Wal Mart.

That little changing basket PS- is CHARM. Fully water proof so easy as peas to clean when Logan decides that he is not done going when I start to change him. It has high sides so I don't mind leaving him there to go grab something, AND its at a perfect height. LOVE it.
This is the right of the pack n' play. Its basically all bedding stuff because I don't know when or how to stop :) The green bag is full of sheets- the pink basket is full of blankets, and then my nursing stuff is right next to it- within reach of my nice brown nursing chair for when I need them :)
I call this "Logan's Corner". That's my nursing chair, and about six inches behind it is our bed. And you can see Adam's desk just barely poking into the picture on the left. Its a perfect little corner though- and I can say that after baby is born. Love it. (And LOVE the chair. Perfect for a recovering c-section to nurse in. Comfy, and not TOO hard to get in and out of. Also LOVE LOVE the boppy.)
I had to take an extra picture of the wall hanging. My best friend Becky made it for me for our baby shower. Isn't it darling? She said she tried to find the most "heroish" lettering she could :) I LOVE it, and the colors match PERFECT with Logan's Wolverine bedding.
This is directly to the right of our door when you walk in our room. It's Logan's toy corner. ;) The hat boxes of course are full of Adams and mines stuff but the laundry basket it all toys for Logan and then his bouncer seat. And along the top of the white dresser in the left of the picture are all kids books. I have a few baby ones, but the rest are mostly young kid books- like Mr. Poppers Penguins, and Captain Underpants.

There is a store here called Mr. Kays that sells and buys used books, and I have a whole bag of books to trade in for little baby books but I didn't get the chance to go before Logan was born, and I don't want to make Adam take me. (I can't drive myself around for two weeks becasue of the c-section.) So, my sister-in-law came into town on the 2nd, and I was saving the trip for something her and I could do together, which is why I didn't take a picture of the dresser top before Logan was born.
This is the inside of our closet. We have a NICE walkin, and this whole shelf used to be full of my stuff that I have condesned and organized to fit Logans. The hat box is all shoes and socks, the bags hanging from it are one for bibs, one for hats, and I think one for gloves... then the would be diaper bag (big blus bag) is all Logan's clothes. Okay, some. The ones in the pockets are ones that SHOULD have fit him when we came home (since the hospital was predicting he would be 8 pounds) and then the big pocket is all stuff that should fit soon. Then we have a box of feeding treats (bottles and things) and then my stuff starts again. All I have to say is YAY for big closets!
Luckily- we have a large bathroom and babies really don't take up any bathroom space. We have Logans towels hanging on the back of the bathroom door. And our large counter which used to be split between Adam and I (half Adam half me) is now half baby half parents. This is Logan's little tub and green bucket of health/ first aid stuff.And then right between tub and toilet we have a whole basket full of baby wash things. Really- this entire basket is baby soap, lotion, shampoo and wash cloths. We have LOADS. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts :) (and pictures of Logan's first bath coming soon!)
These next few pictures are actually of the craft/ storage room. My mother-in-law uses it to do flowers, and it is the space I have been using to sew. It is also where decorations, boxes, and the like get stored. But, after Christmas this year there was a lot of cleaning and organizing done, the tread mill got moved downstairs, and I actually organized and found spots for all of my stuff leaving quite a bit of room. We are going to set up the crib in here, that way we have a place to put Logan when we need to be loud in our room, and we also have a separate spot for him when he starts sleeping through the night.
See? My little sewing set up. Computer included so I can watch and listen to shows while I work :)
This is the view from the hallway door. Gives you a sense of where the crib will be once we get it all set up and get the mattress bought.And of course, what would a post be without a picture of my little man? :) Sorry it came out a little weird... blogger decided it was done uploading pictures. But I LOVE this one of him on his little Wolverine sheet and in the sweater my sister bought him. With the hood on it, it makes him look like such a little man! Love it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BEST MUFFINS EVER- Apply Cinnamon And Weight Loss Update

I would love to get on here and say I was awesome and successful with my healthy living last week. Yeah... not to much. Logan decided it was a good week to go through a growth spurt and eat every 90 minutes and not sleep in-between and thusly be VERY cranky unless being held. (Good thing he is super cute.) And then my sister-in-law was in town which just shot everything. I did go walking twice and never ate more than 1800 calories in one day. Which is all the good I can say.

However, I figure its a start, and come Monday of this week I discovered it was apparently good enough to loose two pounds. (Lets be honest- that was probably from pregnancy stuff. But still- any scale going down I will take...) And when I went in for my post opp appt my doc said I was healing so well he was fine will me working out as long as I didn't go too crazy.

A lot of people have asked me why I am in such a rush to get fit and to work out and loose weight etc. No, I promise you, it is not just to get thin. Want the real blunt reason? Or the main one? I had a csection. No sex. And a person needs some endorphins when they are up all night. And not the kind you get from reading a good book. The kind you get from a great good night kiss, which is VERY close to the kind you get when you have finished an awesome sweat session. (Stop laughing at me.)

I worked out this morning for 45 minutes- kickboxing. I did the lowest intensity, and even skipped the last routine and just did some high knees and punches. Since the beginning of my pregnancy- it has been one of the happiest, most productive days I have had. I got started at a good time, it gave me energy to get all sorts of things done. I was such a happier and better mom (While nursing Logan and I read Pooh Bear and watched the original Land Before Time and played in his bouncer), and in such a good mood with Adam. My optimism, my patience, even my spirituality has taken an upturn. All so DARN worth it.

So I am excited to get a great start on the week- Monday may have been bad but I have made all great food decisions today thanks to early morning exercise, and I am looking forward to repeating my great day throughout the rest of the week. Also, Adam taught me how to download and burn my zumba DVD so I will write a post on how to do that yourself- look forward for that one! It will post on a Thursday some time. And I will continue to post videos of the all zumba videos I am using.

On with what I wanted to say today :)

While I guess I am posting about healthy eating and so, I have to share with you the recipe that has SAVED me recently. Because it is so healthy and SO good.

Until I join Weight Watchers again at the end of my 6 week healing period, I am using a free website called Calorie Count to help me keep track of everything that I eating each day. (Which was another one of my favorite things about Weight Watchers- they really make you keep track and plan what you are eating.) I am not a HUGE fan of calorie counting- I REALLY like the WW method of points better where its about a foods over all health, but I won't deny that calorie counting works if you are dedicated, and for me is seemed like the next best thing.

Anyways- Calorie Count has some great healthy recipes on their website, and this one I am going to share it one I made before I went into labor. (They freeze BEAUTIFULLY.)

I love muffins. Scratch that- I love anything baked and bready. Muffins are just such a perfect breakfast food for me. Yummy and so fast and easy to eat yet satisfying. Yet usually the FATTIEST things on the planet. Which is why I love these. They are filling, and OH SO YUM. Like I said- I made two batches (24 muffins) before I went into the hospital, and have just been popping two in the microwave for a minute for breakfast and they come out just as warm and yummy as they did out of the over. Awesome.

Anyways, here is the recipe and the link too it. Enjoy!

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Ingredients (Makes 12 servings)
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/3 cup milk
2 apples - peeled, cored and chopped
1/4 cup sugar
5 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 cup rolled oats

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Spray a 12 cup muffin pan with cooking spray.
3. In a large bowl, whisk together the 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 3/4 cup sweetener, salt, baking powder, and 2 teaspoons cinnamon. In a separate bowl, mix 1/3 cup applesauce, egg, and milk. Stir the applesauce mixture into the flour mixture until just blended. Fold in the apples. Spoon into the prepared muffin cups, filling about 2/3 full.
4. In a small bowl, mix 1/2 cup sweetener, 2 2/3 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 2 2/3 tablespoons whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup applesauce, 1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon, and oats. Spread evenly over the muffin batter.
5. Bake 25 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin comes out clean.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 serving (90.3 g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 174Calories from Fat 10
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.1g2%
Saturated Fat 0.2g1%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 16mg5%
Sodium 107mg4%
Total Carbohydrates 37.8g13%
Dietary Fiber 2.3g9%
Sugars 17.1g
Protein 3.8g
Vitamin A 1% • Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 6% • Iron 9%
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I Want An I-Pad Versus Any Other E-Reader

With all the baby stuff moving in, like I have said before, Adam and I have been trying to de-clutter our space. Also, we know we will be moving sometime and it would be nice if it was easier than our move here. Which means getting rid of A LOT because of the fact that we now have loads of baby gear.

When it comes to getting rid of things the item that hits the top of the list? Yeah, books. Books take up loads of space, and they are mega heavy which makes them hard to move. Now- I will NEVR believe that an e-reader can take the spot of the feel and the smell of a book. Especially an old one. But, maybe right now, before med school and years before we know where we will settle some day, maybe right now is NOT the time to really start a library.

Enter the E-Reader conundrum. I have finally been able to cope with the idea of getting an e-reader, and getting rid of A LOT of my books. (Adam has agreed that really nice hard covers, or super old ones or super sentimental ones like my Anne of Green Gables we will keep. We are okay with a box or two of books- just not the current... 8 or 9 that we have? And these are not small boxes.) I will love Hunger Game and Twilight just as much on an e-reader as I do in my hand.

But- I am VERY picky about the e-reader that I want. But Adam and I keep on going back and forth on what to get so I am just going to empty my brain here and see what everyone thinks.

My initial desire was the Color Nook. I like the color of it, because I can get kids books on it and that would be SUPER fun to read with Logan. I really want that full touch screen and that full book look so I CAN read things like Junie B Jones with Logan, that have full pictures, and you don't loose any of the effect from the transition from real book to e-reader. The Color Nook offers all of that. We also love the fact that it accepts any file type. Awesome.

However, upon reading reviews on, and testing the Color Nook at Best Buy, I am SUPER disappointed with its response time. Which is NOT very good at all. I am not spending 250 to get something that may take a minute to load between pages. The Nook processor is rated badly which crossed it off my list immediately.

So onto the Kindle. I LOVE the battery life of the Kindle. I love the storage space of the kindle. I love that it has the response time and processing power that I want and need. I DISLIKE the fact that it is not full screen. I dislike the fact that it is not fully touch screen. I dislike the fact that it is NOT in color and I can't experience a book in the same way I could when I am holding it in my hands. I want the real deal- in digital form and the Kindle cannot seem to offer that.

Plus, all the buttons and such on the sides are oddly placed- the design is just not ideal. Adam dislikes the fact that it does not accept all file types. We were seriously leaning towards the Kindle, especially when considering its awesome price. But when Adam found out all the files it excludes, HE crossed it off of our list.

Which leads us to the I-Pad. The option we keep on heading back too. The Mac Digital Reader app is EXACTLY what I want. Beautiful color and touch like the Nook. I feel like I have the real book in my hand. I LOVE that. I WANT that. The I-Pad has wonderful battery life, wonderful response time, can take any file type, has a great web-browser for downloads... in Adam and mines minds, the I-Pad gives us the very best in what we want in an e-reader.

Our only problem with the i-pad, is that it also comes with a lot of extras which is what drives up its price. Though we wont complain about extras, we just don't need them. (Or I don't really- cuz the i-pad would be mine.) And I guess the only thing that is stopping us from getting it is that we really feel a little extravagant because it is more than we need.

Yet, nothing else measures up to WHAT we need. So, its either settle for less and don't be totally happy for a good cheap price. Or get everything we want but a lot more- for a higher price.

There just doesn't seem to be a happy e-reader medium for us. What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Semi- Professional Hospital Pictires

The hospital that I gave birth at down here is really a pretty cool place. It's the first "all green" hospital in Tennessee. Yeah- let your mind run wild with what a "green" hospital is. I didn't even ask. All I know is that they have all bamboo floors which I LOVED. Very cool looking.Anyways, one of the cool things that the hospital does is take semi-professional pictures of your kid as you are leaving the hospital. And they give you a disk of all of them. I JUST got my pictures off of the disk a little bit ago (yeah- I am a LAZY new recovering mom) but I think they turned out WAY cute. Plus- it is fun for me to really remember HOW TINY Logan was. (Yes, he already seems SO much bigger to me.)The little outfit he is wearing (so funny that it is SO huge on him right? Its a newborn outfit too!) was what I used at my baby shower instead of a sign in book. Everyone signed Logans going home outfit! Cute and fun I think.