Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zumba Video Number 2

Yes another Zumba video! I am showing this one- not only becasue she is one of my FAVORITE instructors, but she and her studio have about... 40 videos on YouTube and they are ALL excellent. Its the GRDanceFitness.

THIS is the type of work-out I like- and need. Good music- fast passed movement, a great and excited instructor. I love almost all of their videos and the one or two that i don't like are only becasue they are too slow. If you love ZUmba check it out!


  1. thanks for posting! i'll have to check out her videos!

  2. GRDanceFitness youtube videos are my favorite ones too! I was dancing to them a lot until my husband video taped me and I realized how stupid I looked. I am not zumba coordinated. Now I run outside after dark when no one can see me. Zumba, however, is a lot more fun than running.
    Congrats to you and Adam on your baby boy!

  3. Oh I love that song, but I stil can't figure out how to make a dvd off youtube. I am definately techincally challenged haha