Sunday, March 13, 2011

Very Late Valentines Day

Yeah... I just now realized that I never put up anything about what we did for Valentines day! Because I am a horrible forgetful person. Oh well, here we go with it now :)

Adam and I both had to work on Valentines day- Adam 6 to 6, and me 3 to 9. So...we didn't get to do anything that day. But I decorated the bedroom with a game Adam and I used to play on his mission called- I love you more than. My friend AmySue from my feshman year of college and I used to actually play it together- you try to prove that you love the person by telling them all sorts of things that you love them more than.

So, I wrote on loads of little hearts things that I loved Adam more than and then scattered them all over the room with some treats :) Was very fun, and the hearts stayed on the floor as a type of decoration for weeks to come :) Which I also loved.

Then on Tuesday the 15th Adam took me to lunch at the Olive Garden which was VERY nice. So yeah to our very LOW key Love day!

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