Friday, March 11, 2011

Serial Novel Writing For You

So, I had this idea that I mentioned in a post on my Crafty blog and it has embedded itself in my mind, and the more I think about it, the more I love it so I want to share it here as well (cuz I get more traffic here) and see what you all think about it.

A Serial novel.

People used to do it ALL the time back in the day in the newspaper.

Its where you post a chapter or something of that sort, to a novel every week.

And I think it would be WAY fun for me to do on my crafty blog ( In fact, I would LOVE to do it. As long as we all understand the fact that it would probably be very unedited and such. But then again, that gives ME a chance to get some feed back which would be GREAT for me, especially since this would be a for fun and entertainment project, and not something that is my lifes work really. And it would get me writing more, and out of the box which are also all good things.

here is my problem.

What do I write about?

This is actually my biggest dilemma when I come down to ANY writing project. I LOVE to write, and I have story ideas bouncing everywhere every few weeks that I write on. Some of them are serious, some of them are not more than a few chapters. My problem is however, is what I usually love to write, is really not in the... normal vein of current fiction.

I really write things that you would expect to turn into an Amanada Bynes movie some day. Young, clean, I think they are funny, and a little sappy. But they are AWESOME fun for me to write.

But with THIS blog/serial project thing, I want to write something that people want to READ. That's the point right? And I think that writing something that may be out of my norm may be good for me. Help me grow.

So this is where I open this up to you. I want to write a serial novel for my creative blog over the summer. I think it will be SUPER fun. BUT- I need YOU to tell me what sort of thing you want to read. No, you don't have to write out a script or even a full fleshed idea though you ARE welcome too. I just want to know- right now- if you were going to pick up a book- what do you want to find in it? Vampires? Hot super men? Mystery? Action? Myth? Something in a historical setting? Something super thought provoking? A young hero? A heroine? First person, third person? Give me some ideas and some insight, and we will make this thing happen!

Note- there will have to be romance in it, even if it is just a TINY bit. I can't live without writing my romance :)


  1. excellent. i want some myth in there-i love myth. i also love the ordinary people who suddenly find themselves living next to an alternate world that most people don't even know existed. ie Alice and Wonderland, Harry Potter... I also loved the Percy Jackson series. Just a thought-I"m excited to read it!

  2. this is an awesome idea! No vampires, ugh. Keep it clean. I love amanda bynes movies so I'm probably not the opinion you want right now. I'll read it regardless! I'm excited!

  3. DO IT! i absolutely LOVE reading other people's stories. maybe you can inspire me to start writing again.

    romance please. lots. i'm a sucker for a cute love story. i don't care how typical it is, i love banter between not-yet-confessed lovers. most of my story ideas start out as a relationship i want to make happen, then i build a plot around it. ;) maybe that's why i can't finish anything....

    i've always wanted to write a story about a girl who is raised in a brothel. (and then she leaves, makes her own way in the world, meets an adorable guy who heals her, all that jazz.) maybe that's a weird setting. but hey.

    myth, action, anything sounds good. i can never seem to make a plot without some element of fantasy. i tend to prefer third person narrative, but first can work really well too.

    i'm so excited to read your writing! good luck!

    p.s. as a side note, i think it's really good that you're doing this. as a mother, you will need some sort of outlet, something YOU. i'm currently struggling with this. i didn't realize i was so caught up in the kids and then BAM--a year and a few months later i have no idea who i am. cue stress and breakdowns and depression and loneliness. it's my own fault, of course, but it's definitely a trip.

    sorry. overshare. my point is, keep in touch with what you love. :)

  4. I am a huge fan of amanda bynes and the cute clean rom coms. I would say the world needs more clean fiction that has the feeling of Jane Austen and such but set in a modern day but not just being a rewrite. Sounds like fun-can't wait to read it.