Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Best Friends Baby

In a not so coincidental happening, my very best friend Becky and I ended up getting pregnant three weeks and one day apart. (Becky is three weeks and 1 day ahead of me.) And you think that is funny? Becky was due 3/3, my sister in law is due 3/14, I am due 3/25, and my friend at church is due at 3/31. (Apparently JUne/ July 2010 were good months for couples :)

I have to tell you- it has been AWESOME having someone so close to be pregnant with. We commiserate with one another, are equally interested in the most MUNDANE updates. We share ideas, advice, stories.... everything. Being pregnant so close to Becky has been one of the best parts of my pregnancy.

Well, Becky was due this past Thursday and we have been talking every day, complaining about the fact that her baby wouldn't come. Friday night (last night) I was texting her because I had my doctors appt that day and we always share news after our appts. Even if there really is no news.

It was about 9, 9:30 my time, so 6 or 6:30 her time. We were talking about the differences between station and effacement, and becky was upset that she had been having contractions ALL day but she wasn't, or they weren't, progressing at all.

Then all of a sudden I get this text that says, "My water just broke while I was texting you."

I texted her back, "wait, are you serious? You better not joke about something like that."

A minute later I get this, "I'm dead serious."

So of course I call her, screaming as if we are 17 and she's telling me some cute boy kissed her last night and say, "Becky! Your going to be a mom!"

She says, "Yeah, but now I don't want too. This hurts."

:) HAHAHA! I am a horrible person. I did laugh. We talked for a few minutes but I felt bad as she was having contractions while on the phone with me and really, this was a moment for her and her husband. But for some reason I was tickled all night and all this morning that I was on the phone with her when all this happened. Maybe a dumb thing to feel special about but there we go.

Just for the record, she texted me this morning around ten my time- seven hers. She had her baby at 6:30am pacific time, he weighs 7lbs and 14oz, and she and her hubby named him Henry Michael. And he is CUTE. And I don't just say that because I love Becky- lets be honest. Newborns usually look weird. But even my mother in law agreed that he was cute. (I think he looks like his dad, from what little he can look at this point.)

We haven't talked yet- I told her to talk to her family, and to SLEEP before she called me, and not even worry if she didn't call me for days but I can't wait to get the whole story and I am just so TICKLED to be a pseudo-aunt! It has absolutely made my day, and I couldn't be MORE than happy for her and her hubby! And anything that makes me happy I just have to share :) When I get some cute pictures on my phone I will post them because really- this little man is CUTE.

(Now we just pray that MY little man will be cute and not weird looking, and that my labor will only take as long as hers. 12 or so hours for baby number one? VERY GOOD. And that at max, I will only be two days late like her. I could handle two days.)

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