Monday, March 14, 2011

The Man's Demands

Adam may be one of the LEAST demanding people that I know. So when he does "demand" or "tell" me to do, or not to do, something, I usually listen. One, because it doesn't happen often so why not humor him, and two, because I usually end up thinking it is cute or funny.

His latest "demand" I felt worth blogging over :)

Adam MIGHT have to drive to Nashville (four hours away) the DAY BEFORE MY DUE DATE to take the state board test for his CNA license. My first thought was- hey, I'm not going to be working any more by then and I haven't ever been to Nashville, lets go together! I can explore while you are taking your test- it'll be a day outing! Super fun!!

Adam GLARED me down and said, "From now until this kid is born, under NO circumstances are you allowed to be further than 20 miles from the hospital."

YEAH. I didn't even THINK about the fact that- oh hey, during the four hour drive to Nashville I just MIGHT go into labor in the car and have to give birth at some random unknown hospital or IN THE CAR.

We spent the rest of the evening with Adam laughing at me when I asked him over and over, "Is this place more than 20 miles away?" Shows you how well I can tell distances :) (which is... yeah, not at all.)

And then we were trying to think of ways to keep me in town. Adam is all for taking a string and staking a huge 20 mile perimeter. I was saying he should stake signs on the highway at 20 mile points that say, "Sarah! Turn around! You've gone too far!"

Its really okay. I am so huge and so swollen now that I really don't have much desire to do anything but stay in bed anyways. Though it WILL be fun when I can travel WITH this kid. (Maybe he will come before the 24th and we can still go to Nashville together. I still think it would be fun.)


  1. That is too funny. And I can totally see Adam putting signs up for you and making some kind of alarm go off in your car to let you know you've gone too far.