Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Week and PICTURE MANIA

Most of these pictures are off of my phone, which is why I haven't put them on here yet. There are some random ones, but a lot of them are really cute so I wanted to get them on here, even if they are only phone quality good.

(PICTURE #1- me at 40 weeks pregnant- the day before I went to the hospital to be induced.)

Well, Logan and I went home from the hospital on Sunday. (I have hospital going home pictures but they are on a disk somewhere in my hospital bag which has NOT been unpacked yet and I don't see it getting so for another day or two :) We were actually thinking of leaving on the hospital on Saturday, but Logan developed some jaundice, and they wanted to watch my incision a little more. (My pulse was high from some reason.)

(Picture #2- my very first snuggle with Logan in the OR. He looks so clean because they had to take him straight to get his neck and lungs checked out before Adam I could see him- they were really worried he wasn't going to make it. Silly doctors- Wolverine heals himself!)

Everything checked out on Sunday though, they loaded me up with information and medication (seriously, I am on four different things right now) and the doctors gave us the green light to go as long as we scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician on Monday to get Logan's Jaundice checked out.

(Picture #3- First family photo! Again in the OR. Doesn't Adam look GREAT in surgial wear? Mmmm.)

Everything has really been going just fine. I'm a little lame as a person or as a mom right now, not even because I am tired, but because letting my incision heal makes certain things really hard. Such as picking up our room. There is A LOT of bending down accompanied with that, and its amazing how HARD it is to bend over and over when you have healing wound in your tummy. (I usually squat which means once my 6 weeks of healing is over I am going to have GREAT legs.)

Adam has been more than a blessing and a half. He makes me food, goes downstairs to get me ice cream or retrieve breast milk from the fridge... he doesn't complain at all when I have to turn on lights to nurse in the middle of the night. He holds and cuddles Logan CONSTANTLY so I can shower and etc. And he loves doing it which makes my heart burst a million times over. Watching him and Logan snuggle together in bed makes me almost tear up. In fact, Adam is such a good snuggler that no one can really calm Logan like he can. I'm amazed that hasn't hurt my pride yet...

(Picture #4- Logan's hilariously wrinkly- I'm hungry face. In the hospital the nurses in the nursery nicknamed him "the grinch baby". Adam hated it but I thought it was HILARIOUS. His wrinkles really DO make him look a little like Jim Carrey in the Grinch don't they?)

Adams mom has been an amazing help as well. She calls us every day on her way home from work seeing if we need anything or want anything from the store. On Tuesday night she even made Adam and I dinner and brought it upstairs to us, though we were perfectly able to do it ourselves. (Don't worry, we treated her by taking Logan on his first real trip downstairs and she cuddled him and we introduced him to Dancing With the Stars :)

(Picture #5- this is how Adam spent all his time at the hospital. Since we live so close he would go home at night to sleep, but the moment he came in the next day he would hold out his arms and say, "Where's my son?" And then I only got to hold Logan again when he needed to eat :)

Wednesday was our first real and whole day AT home. On Monday we had to go to the doctors (amazing HOW much of your day 1 doctors visit takes up) and since Logan's jaundice had gotten worse, we had to go back in on Tuesday as well. Luckily, it was going down at that point so we get Wednesday and Thursday at home to ourselves. (And with no one pricking my poor child's feet... they are so bruised! Logan is amazing when they test him though- as long as Adam is holding him- and it has to be Adam not me- then he won't even cry.)

(Picture #6- justa cute little face :)

Funny story about the doctors- its a new thing where you have to go into the doctors every day until they have documentation that the billirubin level is down. (That is what causes jaundice apparently.) It used to be that as long as the doctors saw a picture and were satisfied then you were fine to not come in and get tested. Adam HATES the new "lawyer laws"- when the doctors were out of the room he was putting up such a fit about them "pricking his son over and over". Adam is SO protective and SO in love with Logan- nothing more darling than seeing a grown man dote and oogle over a child, I mean it.

(Picture #7- Logan is gettin ghis hearing tested :) They had to do it twice because this first time he threw SUCH a fit they couldn't finish it. They had to move his hat to get all thr probes on right and there is NOTHING Logan hates more- or at least hated more when we were in the hospital- than having his hat removed. He did pass eventually though. I just had to feed him enough to really knock him out :)

(Picture #8- another sweet face)

Besides the jaundice (which, thanks to our lactation specialist who is the most AMAZING woman in the whole world, is going down and fast) everything is going... surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because I think Adam and I had kind of settled within ourselves for the first few weeks of parenthood to be... well hell. But, thanks to a little more help from our amazing lactation specialist, Logan eats great (with minimal supplementation) and he sleeps well. Naps and at night. Plus, he is just SO darn cute! I can't tell you HOW many times during the day Adam and I go over and peek into the pack in play just to look at Logan and laugh.

(Picture #9- I just loved how he tucked his little arm under his face like that.)

Adam had to work Wednesday morning, and tonight, so Logan and I have been on our own! It still hasn't quite hit me that this is what my life is going to be. I think I still feel like I am just on some sort of super fun vacation and before you know it I am going to have to go back to work. I am so used to working that it just seems ineviatble. But no- this really IS my day- my life. I really CAN and am even ENCOURAGED to nap in the middle of the afternoon- for two or three hours!

(Picture #10- this is my favorite picture of all so far becasue I actually caught him with his cute baby blues open! Logan opens his eyes and is awake a lot... its just that he HATES the camera flash so it is VERY hard to snap a good awake photo.)

Logan and I have been having fun listening to country music and taking pictures, and napping in bed. :) I haven't really gotten on a productive schedule yet... but I figure I am still healing and Logan is only a week old- there is no reason to rush it. During his naps I have done a little cleaning, a little showering, a lot of blogging :) I have lists of things I want to do and need to get done- and though I DO get things crossed off each day- it just goes a lot slower than it did before.

I remember thinking in the past that stay at home moms have SO much time. But really- when it takes a half hour to feed, and then I have to pump whats extra to stimulate my milk more, and then there is the burping and the diaper changes... out of every three hours at max you have an hour and a half to get things done. And you really can't do a project that is MORE than an hour and a half. Plus, one or two of those hour and a halfs you don't do anything becasue you are napping, and then another hour and a half you want to spend just loving on your kid. I could spend a whole hour JUST in kissing Logans cheeks. No joke there.

(Picture #11- Logans face when I burp him. My hand just squnches up his little cheeks and it makes me laugh.)

I love being a mom. I really do. All the irritation I would or should feel is minimized the moment I see Logan's little wrinkly frowny face, or he cuddles into me. (My son is darling :) I sure it won't be like that every moment and all the time from here on out- but I like that it is like that now and I am taking FULL advantage of it while I can.

(Picture #12 and 13- these are from our very first outing! To the doctors. That is if we are not counting coming home from the hospital as an outing. Which I am not. It was a cold day and I laughed at how much we bundled tiny little baby into his seat so I had to catch it on camera.)


  1. He is seriously such a cute baby! So squishy! I think it's great that you're not trying to do anything in the day. My mom was here for a week after Henry was born and it was tough because I wanted to be with her, but I was so dang tired! I would go to bed at 7:00, even if I took 2 naps earlier in the day. I was just so TIRED! So, finally she had to tell me that she came to HELP me so that I could sleep whenever I wanted to. I did that for about 2 or 3 weeks. After that, you start feeling semi-normal again. :) Oh man, congratulations again. He's precious!

  2. Congrats, mama! What a cutie! Glad you're loving it and healing well :)

  3. What a sweetie. Keep taking those naps. :) Seriously-what a cute kid!