Monday, March 21, 2011

Coming Soon.... (and a little about the serial novel)

LOTS of great and fun news to share with you today!

1. I had a doctors appointment today- I am only dilated to a 1 and effaced 50 percent BUT- my favorite doctor had an induction opening and was cool with taking me early so at 4pm on Wednesday Adam and I will be heading to the hospital! They have to put me on some meds over night to "warm" me up, but they are pretty sure that they will break my water and get me going early early Thursday the 24th. So hopefully Thursday night I will have my little man! Which means pictures and stories for you by Saturday or Sunday.

Don't be surprised if there are still "posts" on here until then :) I have one or two random things I have written and just have them set up to post while I am out of commission. I know- weird as heck but hey- there you go :)

2. Adam and I have been STRESSING out about the fact that we haven't heard back from one of our favorite med schools. Adam got on some forums last night and discovered that they WON'T let us know anything until almost the second week of May. And that he still stands a chance of getting in. We're trying not to get our hopes up about the getting in thing (thought it does add a little rose to our horizon) but it IS nice to know that not hearing anything is actually not a BAD thing at this point.

3. I am all ready and set for my serial novel!! I have been thinking and pondering and trying a little writing here and there... and I think I have something that may just work and should cover most of things people said they wanted. So I am just going to write a few notes on here about what is going to go down so everyone is on the same page :)

A. I normally DO NOT write a story in succession like this. I write one scene by scene as I imagine it. But, I have learned from classes and such that this is a good way to just get something on the page. However- because of this you HVAE to understand that sometimes there will be posts that are just awful. And there may be whole parts that I may cut out later. And there may be some timing and other small inconsistencies that I would of course, go back and fix. What I hope to do is when these things come up, to write them at the top prefacing that days post that way you don't get crazy confused as a reader.

B. Kind of going with the above- I want all of your comments and opinions and even corrections- but just remember- this WILL be a very first draft so don't judge too harsh ;) I want your opinions of what to change and etc, but know that there WILL be phrasing mistakes, and grammar issues, and all of that. This is going to be fresh first draft material.

C. I hope to post every Monday. We will see how crazy overloaded I get with the baby and whether that is at all possible. I may very possibly take it down to every other Monday. But, at first expect every Monday for there to be a post. I will do little reminders and such. The posts WILL be happening on my crafty blog which I have just made over, so make sure to look for them there and not here.

D. I have NO idea how long these posts should be. I have a feeling the first will be LONG, and then maybe a few shorter ones... you guys can help me decide what is an appropriate length. I don't want it to take all day to read.

E. I think I am going to start posting in the middle of April. I want to lock down a FEW more things about the basic plot- and then of course give myself time at home with my son for a little while :)

4. I know there was something else exciting that I wanted to share... I want to say its me sharing the news that I MAY get an i-pad or a kindle which is SUPER fun... but for some reason that doesn't seem right.... either way. I am getting an ereader soon and am actually excited about it! Adam has finally converted me to the idea of getting rid of a load of my books for sheer room and convenience.

5. Haha! I remember the other thing now. I basically discovered the Tennessee version of the Utah grocery store Smiths! I know- a lot of people probably think that this is nothing to get excited about but it REALLY is because Smiths was the BEST place to get all this great healthy food stuff that NO ONE else would sell, and I have REALLY been missing it since I have been here. Haha! No more! There is a grocery store called Kroger that sells ALL of my favorites (except for vita-tops. I think I am going to have to order those online when I want them) and it is the CHEAPEST place around for milk, good bread, and even diapers! Super yay for me.

That's all for now folks! Next time I talk to you I should be thinner, more tired, and will hopefully have LOADS of fun pictures :)


  1. Yay!!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pics of the little guy. Also, if you get a chance before Wednesday night, I want to see how you guys have all of his stuff set up, you know, the crib, changing table and what not. Maybe one day I'll have to plan a trip out there to meet the little guy. Congrats!

  2. I'll see what I can do about getting some "baby room" pictures done. It's nothing too exciting... but I was gonna clean tomorrow anyways :)

  3. so excited! make sure you get the epidural before breaking the water. Just telling you from experience...

  4. Sarah, I'm so freaking excited for you!!! I have been thinking about you all week and wanting to call you but I don't know if the number I have for you is still accurate... Besides you've got lots of stuff going on. :) Good luck this week, love!

  5. Ill facebook you my number Kate. And if I get bored while I am in the hospital I PROMISE I will call you :)