Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before the birth... and ZUMBA!!!

I have to give birth soon. Exciting and awful thing. So I have a feeling that there will be LONG pauses where I don't blog :) Or who knows? Maybe blogging in bed will be the best way for me to recover. Either way, since I have so many thoughts right now as it is, I thought it would fun just to store up a couple of posts while I have this "adventure." So that's what I'm going to do. That way your don't get bored.

So, today, of course by the title, I am back to talking about ZUMBA!

I do realize that I talk about Zumba A LOT and I have had a lot of friends and family, though not necessarily through blogging, who are not so sure what it is. So, as a little thing, I thought I would share this video. It is one of the Zumba work-outs that I have put on my homemade DVD and I feel it is one of the very best as well. Its an easier one, no doubt to that, but it fun, fast passed, and a full body work-out.

THIS video shows what I love about Zumba. (And it also attests to the fact that yes, I really do LOVE Shakira.) So just think of a variety of these types of things for an hour straight and you will IMAGINE the fun and the work-out you get.

And maybe if you guys like this video I will post some of the other good Zumba dances I found on youtube since I DID spend hours searching through the ones posted to find good ones I liked. (this includes being able to SEE THE INSTRUCTOR in the video. You would be amazed how many I just turned off because I couldn't see the instructor. That's a peeve for me.)


  1. yes, PLEASE post the videos you found! This one looks great.
    Also, you look darling. I'm excited for you! Congrats!

  2. Ok so I still can't figure out how to download videos off you tube onto my computer. I have tried googling it, but I don't trust the software it wants me to download. Could you please help?! I would love to make my own zumba dvd also. :)