Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Shower!

Well, I do realize that my shower was back in January, and that I have given you all the information about it already, but I never got around to posting pictures. (I promise I will TRY not to be this lazy when the baby comes.) But, I am going to post them today because they ARE fun :) Yay for showers! And thanks everyone who came, and who sent loving wishes- I had SUCH a good time!

Playing Pictionary.

This was a game where I had written facts about me and Adam as a kid and they had to guess who did what. VERY fun :)

Yay cute baby toys!

My friend Ashley at work MADE this for me! How creative can you get I ask?

Our cute clothing decorations- thanks to my mother in law for the idea- turned out so great! And cheap!

All my loot- I loved EVERYTHING!

My happy congradualtions scrapbook banner which yes, I DID keep.

I STILL Have balloons in my room :) But they are just so HAPPY!

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