Wednesday, March 16, 2011

38 Weeks and What We are Doing to Count Down Days

Ta-da! I am 38 weeks and... like four days now? I had a doctors appointment this morning and was all excited for some good news... to get absolutely no news at all. My body is NOT warming up to the idea of birth. Everyone is trying to console me and tell me- hey its normal. My mom didn't dilate at all until after her water broke. My doctor today told me the same thing, and she said her entire labor with her first kid was only six hours once her water did break.

Still, I wouldn't have minded to be a little open and all.

On the upper hand of things, this kid WILL be born on my due date! We have the induction all set up. I would rather go into labor naturally, but Adam has to go out of town on the 27th for a test and there is no WAY I am going to try to go through this without him (not to mention he will have the car...) so the doctors said it was fine, they would induce me on the 25th if this kid hasn't come before then. Comforting, and also REALLY weird to think that by next Friday at the latest I will be in the hospital.

So, I have been trying to be VERY productive now that I HAVE a date and an idea of when this little man is coming, and I have been getting everything done. Everything has been bought from breat pumps to malacon (I DO need to go get batteries for the bouncer seat though...). Everything has been set up- diaper station, stroller, car seat installed... clothes hung and washed, diapers and wipes stashed as well as bottles and formula just in case.

The car has been deep cleaned (could use a vaccuming) the bathroom has been deep cleaned, the bedroom has been deep cleaned (could use a dusting really). All the laundry has been done including towels and sheets. Diaper bag has been packed. Hospital bag is packed. Camera battery is fully charged, memory card emptied into the computer.

I have gotten my hair cut, my hair died, my toe nails done (in a cute blue by the way, since the baby IS a boy :) And I tell you what- if I had been a rich pregnant lady I would have gotten pedicures EVERY week. MAN nothing has felt better!

All in all- all systems are a go. Except for the most important one but I can't get TOO mad at my body (still no stretch marks- cross your fingers it stays that way and that you for my dad's skin!)

My work is all informed of my last day (the 24th). Adam's work knows about my induction date. He is all ready to apply for his Nursing Home positions once he gets the state board out of the way. People at church know I won't be teaching in April. I have the freezer stocked with freezer goodies, and the cuboard with cheap snacks.

I think all that's left is for Adam to compile a digital folder of things on his external hard-drive for "when labor gets boring" :) I am leaving entertainment up to him. And, I need to finish my Zumba DVD for April when I finally feel like getting out of bed. Which I am sure will take well into April, but I'd like to have it ready just in case.

So all you ladies who know better than I... have I forgotten anything?

And for the rest of you who don't know if I have or haven't... I really DO apologize that all that is going on in our life right now is baby, baby and that that is all I have to talk about. Boring as HECK for you I am sure. Give me a month. (I say a month because I am going to be OBSESSED with this kid when he FIRST comes and I am sure I will talk about nothing else.)

But I have no intention of loosing myself. So give me a few weeks to be enamored and then I primise, the literature, health, crafting, writing, totally random blogs about absolutly nothing will be coming right back to you :) Thanks for sticking with me and bearing with me for these last nine months. Trust me... I am just as ready for them to be over as you are :)


  1. come on sarah, we all know the future posts will contain something about poop and the miraculous thing your baby did, like breathe. :) Just remember to take everything you can from the hospital (diapers, booger sucker, washcloths) get as much as you can, you're paying for it!! I think a good idea would be to bring adams laptop and skype with your family back home (best buy discount if you don't have webcam..) right after so you can show your lil man off! good luck I love and miss you, you beautiful girl!

  2. Never ever apologize for writing about babies or pregnancy. It's a miracle, and it's EXCITING! Babies rock, period.