Friday, March 4, 2011

37 Weeks and What we are Doing Now

Well, I am full term today! My doctor says I am still wonderfully healthy- that the more I can perceive my babies movements (which is ALL the time) the healthier it means our boy is so I guess I shouldn't get SO tired of Logan partying around all the time. (Ps- all the pictures here are from my 36 weeks- I'll take more next week and post them on the side of the blog with the others.)

Besides that, Logan is BIG, and as the doctor says, totally engaged and already at zero station. For those of you who have no idea what that means (I wouldn't have) when the doctor checked to see if I was dilated at all (which I am not by the way) he said he could actually FEEL Logan's head. (BTW, having a dude doctor... not NEAR as weird as I thought it would be.)

So basically this kid is even ready to come, we are just waiting for MY body to warm up. Which you know... I don't blame it for taking its time. Its about to go through- excuse me- but hell. I'll give it another week or two. (No more than three please body.) But, Logan being in position is also good because the doctor said at this point, he's not moving OUT of position so I don't have to worry about him being breech or anything like that. As long as my body warms up well we are looking at a fairly normal and easy labor. MAJOR PLUS for me.

In other news... we have everything ready. Bassinet set up, diaper organizer organized. Bathroom stuff in place and organized. Car cleaned out. Car seat in place. Jogger stroller ready to be used. Zumba DVD in process of being made :) Snacks being collected for hospital stay. (Hello Girl Scout cookies!) I got my hair trimmed and layered today, and next week I am getting my nails done, and I bought a NICE razor to use in the hospital to be able to celebrate being able to shave again. (I have never actually WANTED to shave before in my life. Funny what pregnancy does.)

My last "official" day of work will be March 18, one week before baby. Then I will just be the on-call hero until he comes. Adam is still working Best Buy and SHOULD have his CNA license in... I'm trying to remember whether its the end of NEXT week, or the week after. Either way, after that he will be looking for a job at a nursing home. I think he's really looking forward to something more steady than retail (aren't we all?) but he wants to keep Best Buy either way. Loves the electronics and the discount :)

Otherwise, we are just trying to live in the moment, (which basically means long baths and showers, LOTS of naps, and a lot of TV watching because I am too lazy, and my feet get too big for me to do much else) and looking forward to the things coming up. Baby by the end of the month, Adams sister will visit the beginning of April, Adams birthday is in the middle of April, and lets not forget Easter (I love easter) and General Conference in April, then Adam's two best buds are coming to see us early May. And this gets to be my first "official" mothers day. :) Looking forward to that. (Though no breakfast in bed for me- Adam is a little like Monica Geller and I think the idea of crummies in the sheets makes him freak out a little:)

Either way... looks like we are shaping up to have a really good spring!

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