Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What goin' on

I realized I hadn't done an update in a while, and I just had a doctors appt and I am tired and don't want to blog about anything else so my classic listing update is what you are getting :)

1. Baby is great! He was measuring big but today the doc said we were exactly on track. (And the fact that Logan still favors the scrunched corner of my right love handle to play in all day is apparently NOT weird or anything to worry about.) He still won't drop past a heart rate of 148. That's the lowest we've gotten so far, and this kid is coming in SEVEN weeks.

2. I am healthy- weight gain is good (though I don't look at the scale anymore. Did you know I should still gain 7 pounds? Gah!), blood pressure CRAZY low still, but doc said that was fine. I still LOOK like I am barely 6 months but I promise you- I FEEL like I am 42. (Pray I never get there.) I am EXHAUSTED all the time. Really. I could take 5 naps a day.

3. Adams interview in Memphis went great! Besides all the predictions that no one wants to go to Memphis, Adam LOVED it. The city is a little rough but the school is right up his alley. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. (Maybe I WILL get to live in a big city after all... it will just be REALLY southern instead of eastern ;)

4. Adam is taking a CNA class these next few weeks (started this monday) to get his Nursing Assistant License. He wants to get a job at a nursing home or something, and then get another license and work at the hospital as a flabotomist. (Yes I realize I have NO IDEA how to spell that.) He likes the class well enough- is just excited to get a move on with things.

5. I'm still working my jobs at the mall, Adam's still working away at Best Buy (and he is beloved by all by the way.) We're just playing the REAL waiting game right now- waiting on jobs, school, and this kid inside of me. I HATE the waiting game. Really and truly. But we are pretty happy anyways.

6. Adam's brother made Adam interested in digital drawing (using something like a wacom) a while back and we finally gave into Adams desire for a tablet (early V-day gift. Mine was sewing supplies haha!) and Adam LOVES it. I think its really hard to draw on because your drawing on this thing- but looking UP at the computer screen... Adam has done some pretty darn cool things with it though, and LOVES it.

7. I'm still just sewing in my spare time. Sewing and sleeping really. (I even got to help out with some dress alterations at work the other day which was REALLY fun for me.) And shopping for good deals for baby stuff on line. (Though the only thing we don't have yet is the stroller and that's just cuz I am giving it another week or so before I order it from wal mart.)

Other than that... there is really and truly NOTHING going on in our lives. We work, enjoy some good TV shows, indulge in our hobbies, and then just sit in bed and talk. I think thats more for me because the bed is my favorite spot and Adam loves me so he spends a lot of time there too :) Last Saturday I woke up with such swollen feet that Adam sat in bed ALL DAY with me, cuddling and watching Cougar Town, until I had to go to work at 5. BEST DAY EVER.

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