Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I love (I guess we could call it a top ten...)

1. When the weather is warm enough to open the windows and air out the room (yes, this is warm by me which is what... 60?)

2. Seeing money in savings. And more than like... 50 dollars. Thought giving ten percent to a savings account was going to be so hard but it has proven SO rewarding

3. When Logan decides to sleep after I eat aka, NOT MOVE. (Right, I am horrible but when he twists and turns it makes me nauseous. I haven't kept down a full meal in a while and it makes me really happy to do so.)

4. Bakes goods. Aka, brownies, cookies, and the pretzel place in the mall.

5. When Adam comes home. (this should be number one.) best part of my days. Love seeing his cute face.

6. free stuff. When I can give it and get it. Makes the world so much more wonderful huh?

7. watching zumba. (even if I can't do it yet.)

8. sweat pants

9. clean sheets

10. the smell of baby products that has taken over not only bathroom but bedroom. Love it.

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