Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell me if I am cheating...

It has only taken MONTHS of my friend Becky Anderson posting videos of awesome Zumba dances on her facebook for me to realize- oh my gosh- there are FULL ZUMBA WORKOUTS ON YOUTUBE.

Yeah, how I didn't notice that earlier I have NO IDEA.

Now, in an ideal world Adam and I would have the 70 or so dollars for me to go to the ACTUAL Zumba website and order all the DVDs, and then after I have them MEMORIZED I would then spend the 200-300 to certify in it. (some day, some day.)

However, we do NOT have that money, and we do NOT have the money to pay for a gym pass where I can go and DO Zumba every day.

So here is my thought. Spend hours on You Tube and find my favorite videos. Download them. (Its Youtube? That's not illegal right?) Then, edit them so you basically go straight from one dance to another. No breaks. Do this until I have a full hour of my FAVORITE dances. Then, burn it to a DVD.

Its like my own loved and personalized Zumba DVD right? And all free.

Is that the most awesome idea ever... or is it really cheating and illegal and I am just missing that some how in my excitement to get my groove thing on in my living room?


  1. So long as you're not selling them, you shoudl be just fine. :)

  2. Oh my gosh I never thought of that either. That sounds like an awesome idea to me. I am so doing that. Now I just need a living room big enough to work out in. Haha

  3. Totally love the idea but I could never find out how to download from youtube. when you figure it out let me know. Good luck.