Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some of my Ladies

No joke- I don't make girlfriends very well. I don't have loads. I prefer- yes even now- my boys and Adam's boys. They are just FUN! (Maybe why I am having a boy?) However, one of my goals in moving to TN was to make more girlfriends. I thought some woman time might be needed, and I figured Adam wouldn't mind having man time with his man friends without the wife pretending she understands what they are talking about, the game they are playing, or asking them if they need something to eat or drink.

(Ps- thanks to Adams man friends for treating me like one of the guys and never minding when I tag along to and with everything. You are the best friends EVER! I have really lucked out to have y'all in my life.)

But, since being in TN I have met with some... SUCCESS!! These are my two FEMALE besties in the area- we are just coming out of a wonderful lunch at Panera. I actually am mad at the both of them right now because within the past 3 weeks they have both LEFT me :) Kristelle (far left) moved to Iowa, and Leann (far right) to Utah. Both of them have moved on to bigger and better things however and so I cant hate them no matter how much I miss them :)
I just thought I would post a little girl love because lets face it ladies- no matter how much we love our men there is nothing replacing a little girl time. I never realized how MUCH I had been missing out on that and I am so GRATEFUL for these ladies for taking me under their wings and rehabilitating me. I love them!

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  1. I am super sad that we have left you. If Logan wasn't going to be so little I would tell you to hop on a plane and come visit us in Utah in April or May. I am like you in doing better with boys over girls.