Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I TOLD you Kickboxing was Best...

Everyone's pregnancies are different. And somehow I ended up being one of those people who in the last five weeks, am DYING to get my groove thing on again. I am still REALLY tired- but as long as I get a nap or two in, I actually feel better than I have these whole 9 months. After I ate breakfast and watched my Amanda Bynes this morning I SO wanted to pop in a Zumba DVD.

Good sign right? Of course, I am also one of those people who trips down the stairs twice a week, and pregnancy has made me MORE clumsy so I am a little too nervous to do any type of work-out that is not walking. And I know how I swell and when I have six hours of work on my feet in the evening I worry about exasperating.

SO- to get my fill a little early, I just looked up cool and awesome web sites. And on one of the national health sights I found a little poll about the best exercises to do for loosing weight. Now, they suggest a combination of 30-60 minutes of aerobics, and then some strength training to boost the metabolism as well as eating right.

And I am pretty sure we all know that weights are important, and that the BEST way to loose calories is to sweat them out.

Well, I became VERY pleased when I saw what the top three BEST sweating activities are:
1. Martial Arts (Includes KICKBOXING and TAE BO)
2. Inclined Treadmill (I am guessing you have to RUN on the inclined treadmill)
3. Step Aerobics

Right. Two out of three are some of my favorite things in the WHOLE world. And NUMBER ONE is my very FAVORITE in the whole WORLD.

So... out of more curiosity I looked up the best Tae Bo videos. The top three were ALL made by guess who? Right. BILLY BLANKS! (That awesome black guy whose every video I own. Well, I own almost all of them. And now I am determined to get the ones I don't have.) In fact, his daughter even makes a POST NATAL video for women who have just given birth. Awesome right?

I of course then had to look up step aerobics videos. I LOVE step aerobics and own my own step, I just use it more for toning then actual working out. So I am excited to get back into step. Because it is FUN and if you haven't done it before- a MAJOR sweat session. (One of the best suggestions I found on-line was a video made my Cher's trainer. But if you have ANY good suggestions pass them my way!)

Then I thought, well hey, I wonder what the best toning/ weights videos are? Honestly- I didn't get into weights for a long time while I was loosing weight. I liked feeling the burn but I hated not having to shower right after because I wasn't dripping right? But I remember a year ago talking to my sister-in-law Amber about weight loss and she said that if I really wanted to get healthy for having kids, the BEST thing I could do was power up my muscles and especially- shape my abs. And I can tell you, and my doctor has even attested, that it has made pregnancy SO MUCH easier making sure I am STRONG as well as cardio-vascular healthy.

Come to find out, one of the HIGHEST rated weight lifting/ toning DVD's out there, (via Fitness magazine and peoples personal opinions as well as some Health website) is Jari Love. Any of her videos. And her video is EXACTLY what I did before I get prego. And I LOVED it. It was like a combo of calisthenics, weights, slight cardio, and pilates. Wonderful.

It made me feel SO good to know that I had been doing the best for my body before pregnancy, and it made me feel better that I really was suggesting good work-outs to people and not just my personal preference :) And this is MY blog so I am allowed to be vain and toot my own horn right? :)

And can I tell you how excited I am to date Billy and Jari again? So very, very.

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