Sunday, February 20, 2011


I will admit. I have not really had a... nutritious pregnancy. I have been good about low cal and low fat foods. But it is HARD to get calcium and protein when your body reacts negatively to dairy, and when you cant STAND the smell of red meat cooking. And you know what- if I want a cookie... I am carrying a six pound person around inside of me. I am DARN well going to eat those cookies.

However, third trimester has brought on some fun treats I wasn't expecting. To name two... swollen feet and acid reflux. Fun. Now my doctors aren't worried about it at all. In fact, they are so UNCONCERNED about my health (because I have been pretty healthy) that they aren't even going to have me in for once a week appts until I hit 36 or 37 weeks instead of starting at 34 like is normal.

But, my doctors did say that if it was annoying me (which it is) to just really watch my diet. Yeah, haven't done that in MONTHS. But, that's when I realized I had five weeks left and even though I can't diet, there is NOTHING wrong with getting back into nutritious eating. (And eating the right amount of calories instead of 4,000 of them a day :)

There is this really col website called Calorie Count (totally free ps) where you can customize your diet. They even have pre-set basic diets for people who have certain health problems or need special diets. And you know what two of the pre-sets are? Yeah, pregnancy and lactation.

So I put myself on the "pregnancy diet." Don;t worry- its no diet. I'm suppose to consume, based on how far along I am and my height and age etc. about 2.334 calories a day. Very normal according to all the health sites I go too.

What is cool about this site is that it counts all the nutrients you are getting from the food you eat as well as calories. So I can make sure I don't get too much sodium, and I can make sure I get lots of protein an fiber. It's pretty cool. It's got most foods, even by brand, in its data base and you can see which brands of whole wheat bread are better. They give them grades.

Anyways, one of the nutrients I have really been concentration on is fiber. Because as pregnant women know- constipation sucks. We'll just say it out loud like that. And fiber is really important and one of those things we don't get enough of. I have ALSO been concentrating a lot on it because the other day Adam said, "Sarah, I think I need more fiber in my diet. Help me out with that." :) Yes sir!

So I found this cool website called, and on it they have lists of high fiber foods, given ratings of A, B, C etc. Because they rate the food based on how much fiber is in it, and then based on how much fat is in it as well. So obviously, the more fiber and the less fat the better the food is. (They have lists like that for proteins and other nutrients too. Like I said- very cool.)

The top three best foods to get our fiber from?
1. avocados (who knew?)
2. Black beans
3. bran cereals (no surprise there really)

What is so cool about this? What two foods taste REALLY GOOD together? yeah, avocados and black beans. I think Adam and I are just going to have to start having mexican EVERY week. We'll throw in some corn tortillas, shredded chicken or turkey- oh my gosh... I think I need to eat something right now

(because I didn't JUST have a smoothie :)


  1. That is too funny. You crack me up! With both of my kids i started going every two weeks once I was 34 weeks and then at 36 weeks went down to once a week! So dont worry I think what they are doing is normal! Cant wait to see your little one. Good luck!

  2. Ugh...acid reflux. Zantac was my best friend!!